Back catalog Promo – Here Be Pirates Bundle

Pirates, marauders, ghosts and legends of dread and daredevils of steam fight foe, heroes and one another to bring you adventures from the high seas, outer space, time and myth. Here Be Pirates, Me Hearties! 11 tales of treasure and trouble.

The Blade Was Not Brass       Meyari McFarland     

Heart’s Revenge          Michael Jasper           

Hook Island    Russ Crossley 

Stealing from Pirates  Stefon Mears  

Bloody Betty, Queen of the Pirates    Russ Crossley 

The Scarlet Curse       Rita Schulz     

The Wise Guy and the Pirates            Russ Crossley 

Duchess Rampant       Alison Naomi Holt    

Queen of the Pirates: Jessica Keller Chronicles #2    Blaze Ward    

Confessions of A Bold Maiden          Rita Schulz     

Where the Purple Grass Grows          J.A. Marlow

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