Blood and Shadows Bundle

Blood and Shadows Bundle

Volume 1 of the Shiver Series

In the shadows lurk the monsters, the killers and the supernatural. Some kill, some stalk, some haunt. All bring shivers and thrills.
A dark collection of horror, murder and blood. You have been warned!

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Here Be Shadows Box set


The Watcher by A. L. Butcher

Unfair Play by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe by Robert Jeschonek

A Reluctance of Blood by Rebecca M. Senese

Beholder by Harambee K. Grey-Sun

Echoes of a Song by A. L. Butcher

Two-Fisted Nasty by Steve Vernon

Backtracker by Jason Koenig

Invasion of the Book Snatchers by Ryan M. Williams

Diary of a Maggot by Robert Jeschonek

Revenant by Steve Vernon

Blood and Shadows montage