Here Be Elves Bundle

Here Be Elves

A shapeshifter who spies for the fey conquerors of the mortal world fights her urge to help an oppressed human child. Her duty points one way. Her inclination, another. How will she choose?

The only elf able to stand in for the big guy—Santa himself, away on sabbatical—can’t be found. His cohorts hire an elf PI plus partner—Diz and Dee—to track down the necessary missing fellow.

A faie knight, banished from the realm under the knowe, loves the bright world and the mortals who dwell there. But the faie king wants his knight back, and he prefers tricks and cheats for tactics.

A healer mage discovers a young man dying of fey magic on the steps of her perfume shop. Battling the fairy queen to save him puts her heart at risk.

Celtic elves, dangerous and beautiful. Scandinavian elves, mischievous pranksters. Norse elves, warriors and consorts to the gods. Santa’s elves, practical and plucky. The Fair Folk beguile imagination with their mystery, allure, and hints of madness.

Consort with the fey in the 13 tales of Here Be Elves—magic, myth, and mayhem await you.

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The Merchant of Elves                                               Robert Jeschonek

The Case of the Missing Elf                                       Annie Reed

Elf Saga, Book 1: Doomsday                                     Joseph Robert Lewis

The Shining Citadel                                                    A. L. Butcher

Forty Years Among the Elves                                    Stefon Mears

Hidden in Mist                                                            Chrissy Wissler

Blood Silver                                                                J.M. Ney-Grimm

Hidden in Myth                                                          Chrissy Wissler

By the Chimney With Care                                        Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Jar of Souls                                                                 Lisa Silverthorne

Kirwan’s Son                                                               Marcelle Dube

Myths and Magic                                                        Kevin Partner

Destiny                                                                        Kristine Kathryn Rusch