Spring Surprise Bundle

Spring Surprise Bundle

Coming March 1st 2018 until end May 2018


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Available on Bundle Rabbit, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, I books, Kobo and  Angus and Robertson

Spring Surprise montage

Tales of the Seasons — Volume 2

The season of spring ushers in a time of rebirth; new life comes forth, trees emerge from their winter slumber and the cycle of nature begins again. Plans unfold, new adventures commence, and the past is washed clean. At least . . . that’s the theory.

In this mixed-genre bundle, tales of hope, fresh beginnings and emerging dreams, dangerous new lives and daring schemes awaken the springtime in us all.

Available for 3 months only — March, April, and May.

Curated By A. L. Butcher and published by Kydala Publishing

Spring cover

Perilous Chance J.M. Ney-Grimm

Easter at Glosser’s Robert Jeschonek

Eden’s Eyes  Sean Costello

The Queen of May  Linda Jordan

The Forsaken Man Marcelle Dube

Mother of the Waters Leigh Saunders

Temporal Dreams Lesley L. Smith

Quests Volume One: The Paths of Water and Air Barbara G.Tarn

The Brownies Holiday Rita Schulz

Second Spring Karen L. Abrahamson, Karen L. McKee

Sarvet’s Wanderyar J.M. Ney-Grimm

Spring Surprise coverfan

Spring Surprise box set


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  1. Please support the Thunderclap for this – running until end Frb https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/67700-spring-surprise-bundle


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