Book Spotlight – The Mud Man #NewAdult #Scifi


Author: Donna Marie West

Genre: Contemporary new adult; anthropological science fiction (is that a genre?); cultural heritage

Main character description (short): There are two: Dom, a neolithic man found frozen but alive (barely) in northern British Columbia; and Veronica, the anthropologist/archaeologist who takes on his guardianship as he learns to adapt to the modern world.


When archeologist Veronica Booth is called to consult on a dig in northern BC, she expects to see the usual remnants of neolithic jewelry and tools. Never in her wildest dreams does she imagine finding a man’s body preserved in a thawing bog. More shocking still—he’s alive!

               The mud man, as Veronica comes to think of him, is medevacked to the hospital suffering from multiple traumatic injuries, frostbite, and extreme dehydration, He carries no identification, and the remaining shreds of his leather clothing reveal no zippers, buttons, or tags. Veronica, suspecting he may be more than an indigenous hunter who has suffered a tragic accident, becomes his guardian.

The mud man matches no missing persons report and his DNA is like nothing on record, although he has markers found in several Native American tribes. Carbon-14 dating of his clothing and other items come back with the unbelievable date of 9,500 years! His doctor tells Veronica that the patient is loaded with a previously unknown, seemingly mutated form of the Bacillus F. bacteria, which he hopes to eradicate with antibiotics.

Veronica learns that three-million-year-old specimens of Bacillus F. found in thawing permafrost soil in Siberia proved to be alive and thriving. Some Russian scientists even believe it could double the human lifespan. She can’t help speculating if the mud man’s bacterial infection could explain his miraculous survival.

Weeks pass, and the mud man regains consciousness, although he is not unscathed—doctors were unable to restore circulation in his toes or the ends of his fingers, which have had to be amputated. When the hospital insists that the patient be transferred to a long-term care facility, Veronica has him moved to the private hospital run by her ex-husband, Dr. Walter Cooper. While she genuinely has the invalid’s best interests at heart, Walter sees this man with no identity as the perfect donor for his well-intentioned but questionably ethical stem cell and gene therapy treatments for traumatic brain injuries.

               As he regains his strength and learns to manage basic daily activities the man, who calls himself Dom, confirms Veronica’s suspicions. He has no concept of the modern world. Veronica, her assistant Chloe McLean, and Ty Forestall, the Native American nurse/physical therapist assigned to Dom painstakingly learn to communicate with him. Dom proves to be a gifted storyteller, and they learn that the mutated bacteria that kept him alive while frozen for millennia also extended his natural life—he appears to be in his mid or late thirties, but he’s actually three times that age.

All the while, Veronica has been documenting everything, and somewhere along the way, her scientific objectivity and personal motives are superseded by a desperate hope that Dom will recover from his grief over everything he has lost and learn to live happily in the modern world.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cooper has been using samples of Dom’s stem cells and other genetic material to treat his patients, with encouraging results. When Veronica refuses to let him continue using Dom as a lab rat, they agree that there is only one alternative.

A year after he was dug out of the mud, Veronica and Walter propose that Dom take them to the place where they suspect he was infected by the mutated Bacillus F. bacteria. He agrees. Walter arranges the trip for himself, Veronica, Dom, Chloe, Veronica’s mentor, and a wilderness guide recommended by Ty.

They find the site, and Walter takes samples of soil and water, hoping that back in his laboratory he will find the bacteria with the miraculous properties. After that, as promised, they take Dom to his people’s homeland north of Tetachuk Lake. But once they reach their destination, they learn too late that Dom has plans of his own.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

Veronica left her backpack and sleeping bag in a tent, and they headed out for the dig site.

               After thirty minutes of hiking past sparse birch and spruce trees in the boreal forest east of the lake, they were joined by a young woman jogging towards them from the direction they were headed.

“He’s completely uncovered now!” she began, her face flushed and the words tumbling one over the other. “Hurry up! I’ve never seen anything like—”

               “He?” Veronica stopped in her tracks and glared at Anne. “You didn’t tell me you found a body!”

“We discovered him yesterday morning,” the student said with a grin. “We’ve been working ever since to dig him out.”

               They hurried another ten minutes along a deep, narrow chasm between two jagged outcroppings of rock. Several squares typical of archaeological exploration had been cut into the soil beneath the carpet of moss, but they seemed for the moment to be of no interest. Two students knelt almost reverently around a two-metre-long trench dug out of the thawing permafrost soil. Professor Sutherland, standing behind them, was taking photos with a compact digital camera.

A human body lay on its back in an almost metre-deep trench, its left leg bent beneath it, arms folded across its chest, head turned slightly to the right. Though it remained caked in mud, it appeared to be a man of average height with shoulder blade-length hair, wearing the tatters of a leather shirt and trousers, and what looked like a sealskin moccasin on the visible foot.

“He’s amazing,” Veronica murmured, her heart racing and eyes glued to the emaciated body.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)? I truly believe this is a unique book. Science, history, and culture are rolled up in the tale of a man who shouldn’t exist and the people whose lives are affected by knowing him.

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Book Spotlight – Steel Princess – April Grace #Fantasy #YAFantasy

Title: Steel Princess

Author: April Grace

Genre: YA fantasy

Main character description (short). Waist length silver hair, blue eyes, petite figure, cotton tops and leather trousers.

She just wants to belong.
Determined to fit in and connect with her human friends, android Silver has always felt like an outsider within her human travelling community. In Elysia, humans are seen as outsiders, their steel queen claiming every last one of them as rebels. They’ve always been on the run. Like her mother, Silver just wants to help others.
But when cruel Queen Magnolia’s soldiers come looking for their missing princess, who was stolen by rebels when she was only three years old, Silver begins to unravel an endless string of secrets woven into the family she has always cared for. Could her parents have stolen her from the Elysian palace when she was small? Worse, could she be the princess they’re looking for?
After journeying to their Northern Mountain Sanctuary where her parents were born, Silver finds a new purpose:
She must kill the cruel queen and take her throne before she destroys them all.
He only longs to know who he really is.
Tinker Eden has only ever known life in the palace lab. Taken from his home in the Northern Mountain Sanctuary when he was only three years old and brought to the palace, he spends his days working under close supervision of Master Lennox, building, rebuilding and repairing the Elysian royals until his fingers bleed. He knows nothing of his parents or their lives, and remembers barely a thing of his childhood, leaving far too many questions about his own life unanswered.
So when Master Lennox’s assistant reveals he’s been working with a community outside of Elysia and sends him to the Sanctuary where he was born to work on the missing princess, Eden seeks the opportunity to return home and learn more about where he came from.
When Silver and Eden meet, their connection is clear, but things don’t always go to plan. Kidnapped by pirates while searching for his parents at the Elysian harbour, Eden finds himself caught up in an adventure across the seas to Elysia’s magical enemy Kingdom of Panyria, who have plans to infiltrate the steel queendom.
He discovers a world full of magic, new friends, and the family he’s always wished he had.
Both only want to make the world a fairer place for everyone.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

It’s a fantasy story with a futuristic touch. Fast paced, and full of magic: sirens, mermaids, pirates, androids and cyborgs and more.

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Book Spotlight – Path of Relics #Scifi #Gamelit

Basic Book Spotlight

Title: Path of Relics: Aether Shard

Author: DJ LeJeune

Genre: Science Fiction / GameLit

Main character description (short): Terry is a down-on-his-luck gig-worker in a job-starved future who loves to play video games. He’s hardworking, but suffers from low self-esteem.


He entered the contest to win cash…

Now millions could die.

Random gigs and ramen noodles… that’s how out-of-shape gamer Terry survives the job-starved future of 2044. Until he’s accepted into the Path of Relics tournament—the most anticipated virtual reality RPG event of the decade—where he has the chance to win some real loot.

But does he have a fighting chance against the world’s top Active-VR athletes?

Not to mention the ancient dungeons, puzzles, scorpion-wolves, and all-too-realistic NPCs the game world throws at him. And just how advanced is this “Portal Rig” that lets him physically experience the fantasy world as if he were transported there?

Worse, could his suspicions be true?

Are the strange and deadly malfunctions plaguing Manhattan somehow triggered by Path of Relics?

Now, outmatched and exhausted, can Terry’s mysterious ability to level-up quickly and his meager martial arts skills help him avert catastrophe in the real world?

Lose yourself in a fantasy world of dead gods, lost civilizations, and forgotten lore, made possible by the advanced technology of 2044.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

As Terry feared, their HP only whittled away. They must be high-level. Terry yelled as he neared the scuffle, drawing attention away from Chris.

Two of the four men broke off, racing to meet him.

He whirled his Kali sticks, deflecting each of their attacks in turn. Then Terry whipped around and caught the nearest man with solid strikes to hip and neck. He leapt back as the man’s companion thrust forward with his blade.

Together, the two men pressed Terry, putting him on the defensive.

He shuffled back through the obelisks, blocking and dodging. Still, he took a couple of hits, bringing his health down by a quarter.

These NPCs were high-level. Unlike the goblins, they fought smart, pushing Terry between them. His heart thundered, straining at the collective effort of the fight and his earlier sprint up the stairs.

The killing intent in the men’s eyes chilled him. Up to this point, he’d only fought creatures in PoR. Battling human NPCs was disturbing.

He wondered briefly if they might be special, like Jade. In the heat of battle, it was impossible to tell, but it didn’t matter. He needed to turn that seal back on, no matter what. Lives in the real world were at stake—lives he knew weren’t faked by an algorithm.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

If you want an adventurous escape that’s a mix of Ready Player One, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones, give Path of Relics a try. Experience the action, secrets, real-world stakes, and compelling weak-to-strong progression, plus get a sneak-peek into the near future of advanced AI and full-immersion VR.

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Book Spotlight – Johara’s Choice #Fantasy #FairytaleRetelling

Title: Johara’s Choice

Author: Astrid V.J.

Genre: YA Fantasy / Fairytale Retelling

Main character description (short).

Johara is a bundle of contradictions. She has spent her life behind four walls with only small window onto the world beyond because her parents fear a prophecy regarding her future. All Johara wants is the freedom to be herself, unbound from her parents’ fears and worries, but at the same time she wants to be a dutiful daughter and make her parents proud. Forced to stay where she is, Johara escapes through her grandfather’s correspondence, exploring the world beyond her tower through the reports from his advisors and bureaucrats, and gaining a mountain of knowledge.

Erik has always had a lust for adventure. It’s what got him into this fix. Now, he’s been fired, suffers nightmares from all he’s witnessed, doesn’t have a penny to his name and is stuck in a foreign country that hates his people. All he has left when the debt collectors come knocking is a mysterious tinderbox he came by on one of those adventures he loved to seek out before life broke him.


Locked in a tower with the fear of prophecy holding her parents back, Johara dreams of freedom. However, her time in confinement is spent well, researching the true state of her country. When she realises her father has ignored the importance of ancient ritual, Johara must find a way to break free and avert the gathering catastrophe, or risk the annihilation of her people and their way of life.

Haunted by the horrors of war, Erik has given up hope of ever finding anything truly worth fighting for. When a twist of fate allows his path to cross Johara’s, everything changes and he begins to hope there might yet be a chance at happiness. But can he embrace life and the spitfire princess who never does as she’s told, running headlong into danger at every turn? Or will he let that, too, slip through his fingers.

Embark on a magical high-stakes adventure in this retelling of Andersen’s fairytale, The Tinderbox.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

How could Father think, even for a moment, that this is a better use of my time?

Johara swayed her head from side to side as she tried to absorb the stacks and stacks of parchment the servants carted in by the crate-full. Earlier that morning, she’d rejoiced at the prospect of her dance and embroidery lessons having been cancelled, but this was beyond all reason.

She stared open-mouthed at her father and was even more perplexed by the satisfied smile playing on his lips as he twirled his moustache. How could he possibly be pleased with himself at this solution to Johara’s ‘problem’, as he termed it? 

“You wished to be useful, Johara,” the sultan announced. “And nothing could please me more. I have meant to go through my late father’s correspondence for quite some time now, but the pressures of ruling have not given me a moment to do so and none of my councillors has the spare time. You could serve the realm and your dear father greatly if you sorted through this and reported to me the most important findings from your grandfather’s letters. Now, I must attend a meeting about the drought over in Derakhtan province.”

He marched out the room in a swirl of silks while Johara sank into a cushioned seat. Her mother stepped through the doorway, a smug smile painted on her features.

“I dare you to complain about this one, Johara.”

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

Johara’s Choice includes representation unusual in Fantasy. Mental health is a key consideration in this novel. Additionally, I include nudges for my readers to embrace their own transformation instead of merely reading about the characters’ transformational journeys. I am a certified transformational life coach, and seeing readers embrace their potential is very rewarding.

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Book Spotlight – Citadel of the Fallen #Fantasy

Title:                      Citadel of the Fallen

Author:                J.R. Konkol

Genre:                  Fantasy

Main character description (short).          The Rebirth of the Fallen series is told through multiple points of view. In this first book, we align most closely with Malcolm, a teenage orphan, as he is possessed by an ancient spirit that begins to teach him necromancy.


Brief Excerpt 250 words:

Malcolm saw the painting vividly, despite the distance. It depicted a noble white horse, with a mane that looked to be spun from slender strands of sun-kissed gold. A long, silver horn stretched out from the horse’s forehead. There was a background, but Malcolm barely registered it. The horse was so incredibly vibrant that it glowed. It was as if its majesty was so great that it pulled the color and light out of everything else around it.

Malcolm’s heart pounded in his chest. He could feel the painting calling to him. His head started throbbing. He burst into tears as he walked towards it. It took him a moment to recognize that the emotions he was feeling weren’t his own. Those feelings belonged to the Other.

Please,” the voice implored him, “let me touch it?

Malcolm continued to walk toward the painting. It seemed to look at him as he got closer. He looked back at the Chancellor, but the old man merely smiled and nodded. He felt a warmth wash over his body as he got even closer. He reached out. He was only a few steps away when he heard himself speak. The Other was controlling Malcolm’s mouth, speaking through him.

“I tried. We tried.”

I know,” came the response. It was ethereal and musical. Beautiful and terrifying. Malcolm somehow knew that only he and the Other were hearing it. Tears poured down his cheeks. “You did everything you could, dark one. You were betrayed. We all were.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

Citadel of the Fallen is the exciting start of the much larger story told across the Rebirth of the Fallen series. Vivid and terrifying, but with an emotional depth that will keep readers yearning for more, JR Konkol weaves a complex tale, with a delicate balance of cinematic action, and political intrigue.

A vast, fallen world, with even deeper mysteries is waiting, just a few clicks away. Unlock it today!

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Book Spotlight – Meadowvale #Fantasy #YoungAdult



N. M. Rudolph


Young Adult, Fantasy

Main character description (short):

There are a number of prominent characters, but the primary one is Werbel. He is a young rabbit, roughly 11, who lives on a farm. Early in his story, he learns basic farm skills as well as sword fighting from his father. As the tale progresses, he’s captured and trained by a ruthless lizard. Ultimately, Werbel becomes a fierce warrior.


The story begins with the Highfallows, a charming family of rabbits whose livelihood is farming. An army of lizards sweeps in and shatters their peace. Those left behind must figure out how to rescue lost loved ones. When Meadowvale elders realize the problem extends far beyond just themselves, the story’s scale increases exponentially. Clashing cultures, the struggle for unity, wrestling with despair, festering regret, battle, forgotten magic, and beyond: it’s all there.

While each character’s tale has its own wisdom to impart, the full story of Meadowvale will capture the hearts and minds of readers young and old.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

“Skoar! Wait!” Jeremy called after him, but the man sprinted into the void as voices reverberated back. The whistling of the arrows was soon replaced by shifting feet and shouting lizards.

Only Skoar’s softly glowing silhouette could be seen sprinting, leaping toward the center of the huge cavern. His light shone brighter, and Jeremy saw a swarm of lizards circling around him. The cavern went completely dark for a second before Jeremy had to throw an arm in front of his face to block the glare that emanated from that mass. He could not distinguish Skoar from the light that glowed around him, but he could clearly see the lizards that were flung through the air to crash some ways off.

Another moment of darkness collapsed throughout the cavern, and another blast of light sent more lizards flying off. Jeremy’s eyes adjusted, and he was able to see a furious rabbit face burning in the murky distance.

One more wave of darkness fell, and it was followed by silence. Even Skoar’s subtle glow had been completely doused. The only audible sounds were pounding hearts. Then, darts of light sprouted from the center and struck torches scattered about the cavern. They sizzled to life, and the full space came into view. It was larger than anyone first thought. It resembled something like an underground town.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

With Meadowvale, Rudolph does an elegant job not only of visiting familiar themes like good and evil but also unique realms where rabbits and lizards clash and, in rare cases, coexist. The end result is that you are taken to a whole different world that feels unexpectedly welcoming.

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Book Spotlight – Darkness (Book 2 Mythics and Mortals) #Fantasy

Title: Darkness (Book 2 Mythics and Mortals trilogy)

Author: Hannah-Louise Smith

Genre: fantasy fiction

Main character description (short). Christina Jones is a blonde haired, green eyes Greek goddess and is the long lost daughter of Hades and Persephone. She is very powerful which surprises everyone.

Synopsis: Darkness is coming for you Christina Jones.
You, and everyone you love.

After the fateful events of the charity gala, Christina Jones is now crowned Queen of the Underworld. But ruling isn’t easy. Oxyllion is rising, and danger is stalking ever closer to Christina’s friends and family.

When mythic women start being taken by Oxyllion, Christina must delve into the past and hunt for answers in the most unlikely places. Answers that could not only save her father but the mythic and mortal realms.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

 Christina began to follow the drops of blood that soon became spatters from the hallway and into the living room, ignoring the calls from Jared to stop and the protests from forensics and other MPD officers. The image would haunt her for the rest of her immortal life. There were bodies everywhere. But they weren’t mortal, their gleams had dropped upon their deaths. A family of centaurs were strewn about the room, their blood coating nearly every surface in rust-coloured spatters, their dull lifeless eyes were staring up at her, never to blink again, Christina instantly recognized one of the victims. They had only met once a short time ago at The Collective. Christina’s stomach lurched horribly at the sight of her mangled body, her insides were in a pile next to her, and her forelegs lay at odd angles. Her eyes were drawn away from the stomach-churning scene by the sight of something else. On the living room wall, written in blood that was still dripping wetly, was a message.

Merry Christmas Christina Jones. Don’t think that we’ve forgotten about you.

The message was signed with a symbol, one that made Christina freeze where she stood. An octagon in a spiked circle. Beneath the message, lay the small, broken body of Luna the centaur foal

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)? It’s a great book and is the sequel to Awakening (book 1 Mythics and mortals trilogy). If the reader loves mythology, fantasy, horror and a bit of romance then this is definitely the book for them. Plus it’s on kindle unlimited so that helps.

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Book Spotlight – Web of the Succubus #Occult #Horror #Halloween – Andrew P. Weston

Title: Web of the Succubus – Book 4 of the Cambion Journals

Author: Andrew P. Weston

Genre: Occult Horror

Main character description (short): Think of Damon Salvator from the Vampire Diaries mixed with a dark-haired version of Geralt, the Witcher, and you’ll be on the right track.


Augustus Thorne has his work cut out, trying to juggle his recuperating capabilities with a turbulent personal and professional life. On the plus side, things have improved dramatically with Colleen Wolf. But, as he endeavors to cement his relationship with her, events conspire against him. 

It transpires there are elements within some of the most powerful human governments who are secretly collaborating with the demon court. Their goal being to turn the majority of mankind into chattel. Brood livestock, whose only purpose is to serve the demondim’s ghastly appetites. Augustus simply can’t allow that to happen. He sets out to frustrate Asmodai’s machinations, unaware that a spider is waiting in the dark.  

And it’s ready to pounce. 

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

“Is it ready?” Marissa bit off each word as if they were offensive to her palate.

“Soon my love, soon,” Lamia crooned. “But tell me, why the sudden urgency?”

Marissa’s hair stood on end, the sheer potency of the charge coursing through her body generating fingers of lightning that crackled from her extremities like hungry tentacles. “That bitch seems determined to screw me over. They’re engaged, for Azazel’s sake. Engaged!” Her last remark was laced with sufficient venom to poison Leviathan.

“What?” Lamia gasped. “When? How did . . . how in the devil did they . . .”

“You tell me,” Marissa cut in. “One moment things are progressing wonderfully. I’d been careful not to get too clingy or take advantage. I bided my time, established a trust, built up mutual rapport—and then bam! He comes home leaking all sorts of puerile shit from his overexcited vapid little man brain about a spontaneous proposal at the airport. Oh, and get this. Not only did he propose, but he used a void signet to seal the deal. Not just any void signet, mind you. That wouldn’t be good enough for the esteemed Colleen Wolf. She’s gone and landed herself one of the original five. A Pentagryst, for pity’s sake! Neither of them have a clue what it is, which is just as well, because if they learn how to activate the damned thing, she’ll be virtually untouchable. Fucking pasty-faced flesh bag!”

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

Because it will call to you on a deeply personal level. It’s as dark and menacing as a brewing thunderstorm on All Hallows Eve, and deals with the very real issues governing volatile relationships between passionate, supernatural creatures.

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Author Bio:

Andrew Weston is a bestselling author from the UK who now lives on the beautiful Greek island of Kos with a growing family of rescue animals.
As creator of the critically acclaimed IX Series, the Cambion Journals, and Hell BoundHell Hounds, and Hell Gate, (novels forming part of the Heroes in Hell universe), Andrew has the privilege of being a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, the British Science Fiction Association, and the British Fantasy Society.
He also enjoys writing review articles for Amazing Stories and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. 

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Twitter: @WestonAndrew 

TikTok: @andrewpweston666 


Book Spotlight – Dawn Rises – Marta Moran Bishop #Dystopian

Title: Dawn Rises – book 3 in The Divide Series

Author: Marta Moran Bishop

Genre: Dystopian

Main character description (short).

There are three main characters in this book. Jewell who holds the prophecy to chart us on a new course and bring hope to the world. Ben (her father) who has been her protector. And Jamie (who with the help of those he recruited implemented a plan to be put in place after Jewell had torn down the walls between the rich and poor.


Dawn Rises the sequel to The Divide Series brings us hope after fifteen years of despair. When all rights were taken away from women, children, and anyone who was not rich and white. The suburbs and small towns destroyed, the rich walled themselves into the upper town with clean water, electricity, heat, domes that kept the city air clean, and pushed everyone else into the lower towns to live in tenements designed to house multiple families, though women were no longer allowed out of the house or even to meet, and men of different races no longer mixed.

But all had the same fate, at six the boys were all taken away to apprentice, and at fifteen into the military. If they survived fifteen years in the military most were given a wife and a job in the company owned factories.

But a prophecy was to be fulfilled according to Rebecca’s words as she died for to give them a chance, that a girl child would be born who would be able to draw in the magic that would free the world.

How and what happens is in Dawn Rises the sequel to this dystopian series. It might be a future we face. It is a cautionary tale.

Brief Excerpt:

Turning to the crowd she said. “Fifteen years ago, I stood before many of you and made a prophecy. Today that prophecy has come true. My daughter Jewell has brought us all with her into the between times and opened the door for us to build a new world.

When women were made breeding animals, books were burned, and all but the rich were denied education. Sent to labor in sweat shops, shipped off to fight in yet another war. The poor separated from each other and kept poor and uneducated; it was then our society died.

But we can and will build a new and better one together and the true American dream will spread across the land and the world.”

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

It is a ray of hope in darkness that has and may yet still be coming, and a prophecy to be fulfilled.

Cover Art (add as attachment please)

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Book Spotlight – The Great Convergence – Thomas Kast #Sci-fi #Satire

Title: The Great Convergence

Author: Thomas Kast

Genre: Science fiction, satire

Main character description (short):

The unnamed narrator lives ten million years in the future. Stuck in a dead-end academic position, he time-travels to the year 2022 to find proof validating his research, but mainly to prevail over Scott — his arch-nemesis and a researcher at a competing university. The rivalry between the scientists quickly spins out of control. The Narrator and Scott remain focused on being right, even if this means endangering the universe’s fate.
Through the narrator’s flashbacks, the reader gets a glimpse of the world ten million years from now. It’s a world in which technology is indistinguishable from magic. It is also a world ruled by stupidity, jealousy, pettiness and shortsighted spite — much like our own.


10.000.002 A.D. A cantankerous scholar slipping into obscurity is out for revenge. He time-travels to the year 2022 to stop his nemesis, Scott — a successful scientist at a competing university — from thwarting his research into the origin of a mysterious phenomenon, the Great Convergence. Cunning and ruthless, Scott will stop at nothing to defend his tenure track. The feud quickly spins out of control, and the damage to reality grows unchecked.

Caught in the crosshairs are three characters responsible for triggering the Great Convergence: an art-hating professional art critic who, unbeknownst to him, spontaneously switches between universes wreaking havoc as he goes; a talentless artist whose sculptures act as trans-universal portals; and a schizophrenic astrophysicist trying to avert the invasion of alternate versions of himself from different realities. As their paths converge, the apocalyptic event takes place, and the inescapable tragedy of human existence unfolds. 

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

There is an old legend which originated in the Lacerta Cantus Nebula. It explains how most universes got their shape. It goes like this:

A long time ago, there was a school for young Gods. At the beginning of each learning season, each God would get his universe to study and play with under the keen eye of the instructor. On balance, the universes were sturdy pieces of work. They could take a lot of damage, often reversible, but not always. And there was a lot of damaging going on, because not all the Gods treated their universes well.

The school programme was brief and much to the point. Gods graduated quickly and moved onto different matters with far-reaching consequences. They’d leave their universes behind, to be studied and played with by the next generation of deities. This would go on and on until the universes would become altogether unusable. What would happen to the battered, pass-me-down universe nobody wanted anymore? The legend doesn’t say.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

A subversive philosophical science fiction and social satire, the Great Convergence will take you out of your comfort zone, exposing the absurdity of many ethical and intellectual ideals. If you like the wry humour of Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Adams or the philosophical insights of Stanislaw Lem, you’ll enjoy it too.



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