Halloween Themed Books – Bundle – #Zombies

Here Be Zombies


Brainsssss! The dead are walking, hungry and brains taste so good…

12 Tales of zombies and zombie hunters.

1. “Alice’s Adventures in Underland” by DeAnna Knippling
2. “I Hate Zombies” by Shantnu Tiwari
3. “Zomopolis” by Russ Crossley
4. “Zombie Ever After” by Carl S. Plumer
5. “Zombee A Go-Go” by Rebecca M. Senese
6. “Zombie Girl Invasion” by De Kenyon
7. “Life Among the Dead” by Rebecca M. Senese
8. “Usher Falling” by Sandra Seymour
9. “My Zombie Prince” by Russ Crossley
10. “A Chat Before Dinner” by Michael Kingswood
11. “The Island” by Will Overby
12. “Dragon Rising” by Russ Crossley


Amazon.com https://amzn.to/36fTOxx

Amazon UK https://amzn.to/3mWwScN



Halloween Themed Books – Blood Moon #Paranormal #Werewolves

Blood Moon Bundle #Paranormal #Shifters

When the sun has set, when the moon is full, the shapeshifters gather—wolves, cats and totemic creatures, nightmares and revelations.

Seeking answers, seeking revenge, seeking a cure to affliction, seeking blood, seeking answers or seeking love—a gathering of beasts abounds. Dare you walk beneath the moonlight?





By Howl and Claw – Rebecca M Senese

Spirit Dancer – Douglas Smith

Big Bad Wolf- Annie Reed

Badlands – Michelle Lang

Family, Pack – Michael Jasper

Serpent’s Foe – J.M. Ney-Grimm

The Night Mischief Became a Real Cat – Annie Reed

Silver Light – Rita Schulz

Wolf Warlock – Meyari McFarland

Stolen By the Werewolf – AJ Tipton

Beware the Easter Moon -De Kenyon

Moon Spell – Rita Schulz

Halloween Themed Books – Blood on the Cobbles Bundle #Horror #Crime

Blood on the Cobbles #Crime #Horror

From legends of murder, and undead killers walking, to missing girls, deadly diseases, suspense and gore aplenty; from sleuths and detectives, murder and vengeance enter into a world of crime, clues and mayhem.

12 authors weave tales both long and short of crime and suspense.

A collection of short stories and novels.



Courageous – Russ Crossley

Who Unkilled Johnny Murder? – Robert Jeschonek

What Leads A Man to Murder? – Joslyn Chase

Nice Man Jack – Baby Ice Dog Press

By Dawn’s Bloody Light – DeAnna Knippling

Expressway Thru the Skull – M.E. Purfield

Six Crime Stories – Robert Jeschonek

Double Edged – Jessie Kwak

The Disappearance of Wicked – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Body Language – Harvey Stanbrough

Tales of Twisted Crime – Russ Crossley

Crime du Jour – Diane R. Thompson

Justice Served – Russ Crossley

The Economic Hitman – Eugene Lloyd MacRae

The Sound of Murder – Kari Kilmore




Halloween Themed Books – The Ghost of Prince Akhmose #SupernaturalFiction

Title: The Ghost of Prince Akhmose

Author: Erika M Szabo

Genre: supernatural fiction

Main character description:

Layla Lockhart was born in Egypt and when her American father gets a great job offer, they move to the States. She becomes an Egyptologist who understands and speaks the ancient language. She’s renting an apartment with her best friend. When the ghost of a Prince invades their relatively boring life, things jump from boring to dangerous in no time.


A powerful curse cast thousands of years ago by the Grand Vizier. Tanakhmet cursed Prince Akhmose to never enter the Field of Reeds, the heavenly paradise. Why did he want him to linger as a restless ghost among the living, forever?

By reading the hieroglyphs, Layla, a young Egyptologist, inadvertently breaks the curse and frees the ghosts of both Prince Akhmose and the Grand Vizier whose thirst for revenge is stronger than ever.

With Layla’s help, can Prince Akhmose finally cross into the afterlife? Or perhaps, because of the charms of the mortal woman, he doesn’t want to…

Brief Excerpt:

Layla Lockhart, a petite slender woman emerged from the bathroom bare feet slapping against the wooden floor. Her faded Hello Kitty pajamas swished softly as she walked towards the kitchen, eyes swollen from sleep. Her long hair swayed behind her, still messy from the restless night.

The smell of frying bacon filled the air and her stomach rumbled at the scent. The small TV was on in the living room. The cheerful voice of the channel six weather reporter announced, “Another beautiful, sunny morning, the temperature is a balmy sixty degrees.”

“How could anyone be so damn cheerful in the morning?” Layla mumbled walking into the kitchen, raking her fingers through her tangled, long, jet-black hair. “Ouch!” she exclaimed as her hand got caught in a snag.

“Top o’ the mornin’ to you, too!” her roommate called out and smiled at Layla with spatula in her hand.

“Sheesh, Mara! You don’t have to yell.” Layla rubbed the back of her neck as she made her way to the table. “What would I do without you?” her expression softened looking at the redhead woman as she sat down.

“You’d go hungry, a lot. That’s for sure!” Mara laughed as she filled Layla’s plate with fried eggs and crispy bacon. She winked before turning her eyes to her plate, her curly untamable mane moving as if it had a mind of its own. Unlike Layla, Mara was a morning person. As soon as her eyes opened and feet touched the floor, she was ready to go. “Eat up! You have a long, busy day ahead of you.”

Mornings were always rough for Layla, she needed some time to shake the grumpy, morning mood. Sighing, she plopped down onto the squeaky kitchen chair, “Yeah, another boring day at a boring job.”

Why should readers buy this book?

If you like action packed novellas with lively characters and a ghost from Egypt who’s hoping that a girl he meets is the reincarnation of his long lost love, this story is for you.



Halloween Themed Books – Bundle #Vampires

Nightly Bites Vol II

More short stories about vampires mingling in the pages of this anthology. Vampire Apocalypse vs. Last Vampire Survivor. Vampires with hemophobia or Asperger Syndrome. Vampires in the past and in the future, walking through the centuries because they can. Undead but immortal unless you manage to kill them. Merciless killers or merciful death givers – and even a little, shapeshifting vampire who doesn’t feed on blood.

Available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, I tunes

Universal Link https://books2read.com/b/bQBDB0

Paperback http://amzn.to/2FRNBI1



The Blood is on the Wall by Felicia Fredlund

Bloody Aversion by Rebecca M. Senese

Chuck the Cross by Ezekiel James Boston

Jesslyn by Joleene Naylor

In the Shade of the Slowboat Man by Dean Wesley Smith

Legacy of the Hunted by Russ Crossley

The Raven by Barbara G.Tarn

She-devil of the Spanish Main by David Miller

So Many Nights, So Many Sins by A.L. Butcher

The Aswang Who Ate Stardust by Kate Pavelle

Halloween Themed Books – Messenger #Cozy #Supernatural #Thriller

Title: Messenger

Author: Erika M Szabo

Genre: Cozy supernatural thriller

Main character description:

Lauren is a doctor who was raised believing the supernatural and omens. Taking her spirit guide’s warning seriously saved her life.


Lauren has everything she’d ever wished for. Great career, financial security, loving husband, and devoted friends.

When her Raven spirit guide warns her of impending danger, she takes the omen seriously, but she doesn’t have enough time to perform the protection spell her grandmother taught her. Someone breaks into her office and after the brutal attack and the Raven’s repeated warnings, she knows her life is still in danger. Who wants her dead and why?

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

Finally. I’ll be a mom. Lauren put her hand on her belly and couldn’t stop smiling.

Suddenly, she heard a deep, throaty kraa sound. Lauren took a deep breath. She knew what the all too familiar sound meant. Her eyes shot toward the tall oak tree across the street where the eerie sound came from. The Raven’s shiny, black eyes fixated on her and let out another loud screechy sound. Lauren’s stomach shrunk into a knot and a dreadful feeling washed over her. No! Please not again! She screamed in her mind. “Shoo!” she yelled out loud. “Nothing bad is going to happen.”

The Raven flapped its wings, called again even louder, which sent sheer terror through Lauren’s nerves as she remembered her grandmother’s warning. “The Raven is your messenger, and it warns you that something bad is about to happen which will change your life. You must perform a protection ritual and call on the Wolf spirit to protect you from harm.”

A sign of something bad coming wasn’t what she needed. Not with the happy news confirmed this morning. Lauren rushed to her desk and yanked the bottom drawer open. In there was a box with her grandmother’s spellbook, candles, and herbs.

She looked up feeling anxious when she heard the front door of her office opening.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

If you like fast paced novellas with relatable characters, supernatural elements, betrayal and danger, this story is for you.



Halloween Themed Books – Here Be Aliens #Aliens #Scifi

They come from distant stars and worlds beyond our own. Strange, dangerous, fascinating – dare you face the aliens? Dare you learn their secrets?

Here Be Aliens!





Part of the Here Be – Monsters, Myth and Mayhem series.


Fade to Gold – Stefon Mears  

Scifi Motherlode – Robert Jeschonek       

The Great Succession Crisis – Laurel A. Rockefeller

Alien Blue – DeAnna Knippling     

Alien Influences – Kristine Kathryn Rusch         

The Sun Doctors- Meyari McFarland     

Adventurer (Star Minds Lone Wolves) – Barbara G.Tarn          

Cursed Planet – Linda Maye Adams   

Earth Plan – David Sloma  

Chasing Chipmunks – Rebecca S. W. Bates

Book Spotlight – Web of the Succubus #Occult #Horror #Halloween – Andrew P. Weston

Title: Web of the Succubus – Book 4 of the Cambion Journals

Author: Andrew P. Weston

Genre: Occult Horror

Main character description (short): Think of Damon Salvator from the Vampire Diaries mixed with a dark-haired version of Geralt, the Witcher, and you’ll be on the right track.


Augustus Thorne has his work cut out, trying to juggle his recuperating capabilities with a turbulent personal and professional life. On the plus side, things have improved dramatically with Colleen Wolf. But, as he endeavors to cement his relationship with her, events conspire against him. 

It transpires there are elements within some of the most powerful human governments who are secretly collaborating with the demon court. Their goal being to turn the majority of mankind into chattel. Brood livestock, whose only purpose is to serve the demondim’s ghastly appetites. Augustus simply can’t allow that to happen. He sets out to frustrate Asmodai’s machinations, unaware that a spider is waiting in the dark.  

And it’s ready to pounce. 

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

“Is it ready?” Marissa bit off each word as if they were offensive to her palate.

“Soon my love, soon,” Lamia crooned. “But tell me, why the sudden urgency?”

Marissa’s hair stood on end, the sheer potency of the charge coursing through her body generating fingers of lightning that crackled from her extremities like hungry tentacles. “That bitch seems determined to screw me over. They’re engaged, for Azazel’s sake. Engaged!” Her last remark was laced with sufficient venom to poison Leviathan.

“What?” Lamia gasped. “When? How did . . . how in the devil did they . . .”

“You tell me,” Marissa cut in. “One moment things are progressing wonderfully. I’d been careful not to get too clingy or take advantage. I bided my time, established a trust, built up mutual rapport—and then bam! He comes home leaking all sorts of puerile shit from his overexcited vapid little man brain about a spontaneous proposal at the airport. Oh, and get this. Not only did he propose, but he used a void signet to seal the deal. Not just any void signet, mind you. That wouldn’t be good enough for the esteemed Colleen Wolf. She’s gone and landed herself one of the original five. A Pentagryst, for pity’s sake! Neither of them have a clue what it is, which is just as well, because if they learn how to activate the damned thing, she’ll be virtually untouchable. Fucking pasty-faced flesh bag!”

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

Because it will call to you on a deeply personal level. It’s as dark and menacing as a brewing thunderstorm on All Hallows Eve, and deals with the very real issues governing volatile relationships between passionate, supernatural creatures.

Links etc.

Amazon https://amzn.to/3RYfenj

Author Bio:

Andrew Weston is a bestselling author from the UK who now lives on the beautiful Greek island of Kos with a growing family of rescue animals.
As creator of the critically acclaimed IX Series, the Cambion Journals, and Hell BoundHell Hounds, and Hell Gate, (novels forming part of the Heroes in Hell universe), Andrew has the privilege of being a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, the British Science Fiction Association, and the British Fantasy Society.
He also enjoys writing review articles for Amazing Stories and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. 

All links:

Website/blog: https://andrewpweston.blogspot.com/ 

Twitter: @WestonAndrew 

TikTok: @andrewpweston666 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrewpaul.weston 

Halloween Themed Books #Ghosts #Horror – The Secret of Blossom Rise

When a young nurse accepts a job at a former military hospital, she unearths a family secret and finds the spectral occupants a little too familiar.

A short ghost story.


Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H44YJTN

Barnes and Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-secret-of-blossom-rise-a-l-butcher/1129483755

Kobo https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/the-secret-of-blossom-rise-a-ghost-story

Apple https://books.apple.com/gb/book/the-secret-of-blossom-rise-a-ghost-story/id1435494381?


Amazon.com audio https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Blossom-Rise-Ghost-Story/dp/B08CNCBNJC/

Audible UK

Amazon UK audio https://www.amazon.co.uk/Secret-Blossom-Rise-Ghost-Story/dp/B08CNF6KJP/

Audible France

Audible Germany

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