De Wachter – Een Verhaal over Jack the Ripper #Nederlandse editie

De Wachter – Een verhaal over Jack the Ripper

Het jaar is 1888, en de plaats is Whitechapel, in het hartje van Londen. Maar het hart bloedt. Een mysterieuze moordenaar stalkt de vrouwen in de straten – zijn ware naam is onbekend, maar zijn legende zal de geschiedenis ingaan. Dit is een kort verhaal over Jack the Ripper.

18 jaar voor scènes met geweld.

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Book Spotlight – Regen – Cassie Greutman #UrbanFantasy #Fantasy

Title: Regen       

Author: Cassie Greutman

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Main character description (short). Trish is a fae girl being raised in the human foster care system. Life has not gone well for her so far, but she has finally found a set of parents who love her. Hopefully for her, and not because they’ve found out what she is.

Synopsis: Trisha Penchant was supposed to go to Faerie as a kid, but her mom left her at a human foster home and disappeared, so she had no idea. Now the faerie council isn’t happy with her, and if she doesn’t help catch an escaped fae fugitive, she’ll lose her newfound home, with foster parents who actually care.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

At least I had an idea why I was here. Not here as in this spot, but here as in this situation. Mom had said strange things would start happening when I turned sixteen, but she hadn’t mentioned me going all werewolf and showing up out in the middle of some forest with no memory of the last few hours.

Okay, nix the werewolf, I still had my clothes on.

Plus, I already knew what I was.

Mom had mentioned that nature loved the fae, but she hadn’t ever brought this up. It was supposed to mean big gardens and stuff, not Narnia and living trees. Suddenly a vine grabbed me, stopping a scream trying to rip from my mouth by covering it tightly. I struggled, but it just tightened

until I couldn’t move. The tears I’d been holding back flowed freely.

“What do you want?”

No answer, of course.

A second later a shadow moved by. A person. A big person.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

If you enjoy stories about found family and the power of friendship, along with magic and mythical creatures, this may be something for you!

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Het Geheim van Blossom Rise

Wanneer een jonge verpleegster een baan aanvaardt in een voormalig militair hospitaal, ontdekt ze een familiegeheim en komen de spookachtige bewoners haar iets te bekend voor.

Een kort spookverhaal.
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De in Engeland geboren A. L. Butcher is een fervent lezer en schepper van werelden, een dichter, en een dromer, een liefhebber van wetenschap, natuurgeschiedenis, geschiedenis, en apen. Haar proza is beschreven als ‘donker en gruizig’ en haar poëzie als ‘evocatief’. Ze schrijft met een zekere en soms erotische gevoeligheid over dingen die hadden kunnen zijn, nooit waren, maar zouden kunnen zijn.

Alex is de auteur van de Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles en de Tales of Erana lyrische fantasy serie. Ze heeft ook verschillende korte verhalen in de fantasy, fantasy romance genres met af en toe een uitstapje naar gothic style horror, inclusief de Legacy of the Mask serie. Met een achtergrond in politiek, klassieke studies, oude geschiedenis en mythe, zorgen haar affiniteiten voor een eclectische en unieke smaak in haar werk, waarbij realiteit en droom in alchemistische verhoudingen worden vermengd die haar personages en werelden tot leven brengen.

Ze is ook curator van speculatieve fictie themabundels op BundleRabbit – voor het grootste deel de Here Be Series

Alex is er ook trots op schrijver te zijn voor Perseid Press, waar haar werk te lezen is in Heroika: Dragon Eaters, Heroika Skirmishers – waar ze redacteur en omslagontwerper en schrijver was; en Lovers in Hell – deel van de veelgeprezen Heroes in Hell-serie.

Onderscheidingen: Outside the Walls, mede geschreven met Diana L. Wicker ontving in 2017 een Chill with a Book Reader’s Award.

NN Light Book Heaven awards:

De keukenimps en andere duistere verhalen won beste fantasy van 2018

Check out the Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles for a sizzling sorcery adventure

Looking for an audiobook or awesome read? Check out The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – Book I

In a dark world where magic is illegal, and elves are enslaved a young elven sorceress runs for her life from the house of her evil Keeper. Pursued by his men and the corrupt Order of Witch-Hunters she must find sanctuary. As the slavers roll across the lands stealing elves from what remains of their ancestral home the Witch-Hunters turn a blind eye to the tragedy and a story of power, love and a terrible revenge unfolds.

18 rated (for adult content).

Available Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Google Play, Scribd, Angus and Robertson, and more on the link below – hardback, paperback, ebook and large print editions.

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Into the Shattered Mirror – New Release #Poetry

Into the Shattered Mirror (Large Print Edition)

A dark poetry duology: war, politics, life, loss, nature and the vagaries of life feature in this special two-book collection.
Featuring – Shattered Mirror – A poetry collection & Beyond the Shattered Mirror

Only available on Amazon

Guest Post – 7 Reasons Why Short Stories Help You Grow as a Writer

Welcome to Rose Atkinson-Carter who talks about short story writing.

Short stories have often been tragically overlooked by new writers in their ambition to get their first novel published. This is a shame, because short stories are a craft of their own. Learning how to write a good short story is an important step in understanding what it takes to tell a story: with only a limited space, you must learn to still convey the story’s key elements while making it gripping and emotionally touching. What more of a challenge could a writer want?

These are seven of the key reasons to practice short story writing. Hopefully you’ll feel inspired to start your own short story by the end — you’ll love the way your writing changes after you get a few under your belt.

They teach you to be concise

Stop me if I’m stating the obvious, but the great thing about short stories really is that they’re short! Unnecessary words and clichés have to go. Cut down scenes that drag on — or cut them entirely if they don’t serve the story. Editing is your best friend, now more than ever.

It’s a great skill to master, because if you graduate to longer works, you’ll have a deeper knowledge of balancing pacing so that readers remain engaged throughout the novel. You can say exactly what you need to, in the fewest amount of words possible. Consider Ernest Hemingway and his famous short sentences. Reading his work, you know exactly what you need to, nothing more and nothing less, and it works perfectly.

You learn how to build a gripping plot

Whether you’re a planner or a pantser, as you write a short story you have to figure out which plot points matter and which don’t. You have to look at the scope of your story, everything needs a purpose. You might think of a great scene that develops your characters, but if it doesn’t do much for the story, or it’s too much of a diversion, you probably need to cut it.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to cut chunks of your story out at one time! I was editing a short story the other day, and in one satisfying click I deleted a third of my word count  — my story is much better for it. Of course, if you think you can use that content in a later story, it’s always useful to have a notes document where you can paste anything useful you cut.

You can create lovable characters with less

As you write short fiction you’ll learn to accurately discern what readers need to know, what they don’t, and what you need to know. You’ll still need to know your characters well — their origin story, what they want in life, what they need, and whether or not they’re going to get it. In a novel, a lot of this information would eventually come to light, but in a short story, the reader should only know what they need for the scope of that story. If your character is an adult who has just moved to a new city, you might explain that they moved a lot as a kid, but readers don’t need to know about their childhood dog and the bond they had.

They let you experiment and find your voice

Writing short stories helps to find your writer’s voice before diving into a longer work. If you start writing a novel, but you’re not really sure what your voice is, you’ll have a lot of editing to do along the way. But the great thing about short stories is that they’re often one-offs, each one standing alone. You can play around with different tones or moods or genres without muddying a longer work. If you find something works really well, feel free to stick with it!

You can potentially get published quicker

Publishing a novel takes a long time. You either have to find an agent and a publisher, or find an editor, a proofreader, or a cover designer (and that’s a relatively small team!) all the while worrying about marketing your book — the list of tasks goes on.

Publishing stories is a different game. You can submit short stories to any of the thousands of online and print journals, magazines, or anthologies. While they might work with you on editing your story, it’s far less time and effort in comparison to how much it builds your credibility as an author — which will look great to agents when you’re ready to publish and market a novel.

They’re easier to get feedback on

Getting feedback on a novel can be hard because of the sheer length of the work. Whereas, with a 20 page short story, you’re far more likely to find people willing to give feedback. Whether you’re in a local writing group or part of an online writing community, a short story should be feasible for people to take the time to review —  and it’ll be less money out of your pocket if you decide to ask a professional editor to look over it.

You can build up a portfolio

As a final point, writing and publishing short stories is a great way to build a portfolio. For example, it’ll look good in a book publisher’s eyes if you’re already published in multiple journals or magazines. Even if you decide not to publish your short stories, it’s great to have writing samples prepared for future jobs or collaborations down the road. These stories show that you understand the fundamentals of creative writing, that you’re passionate about your craft, and that you’re willing to put the practice in. You never know what opportunities might come your way, so it’s great to be prepared and have something to show.

Feeling inspired yet? The benefits to writing short stories certainly outweigh any negatives, so I hope you’ll take a little time out of your week to practice this often overlooked format. I can’t wait to see what you make!

Rose Atkinson-Carter is a writer with Reedsy, a marketplace that connects authors with the world’s best self-publishing resources and professionals like editors, designers, and ghostwriters. She lives in London.

Swift Six Author Interview – Abigail Manning #Fantasy

Name: Abigail Manning

Please introduce yourself (250 words or so):

Hello! I’m Abigail Manning and I’m a wife, nanny, and romantic fantasy author of a sered of retold fairy tales. I began writing in July of 2021 and have since fallen in love with it. When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time with my quirky pets and baking horrifically unhealthy (but delicious!) treats. Although it feels like writing is my full-time job, I actually have worked in childcare for over eight years now and have the priveldge of spending my mornings caring for an adorable set of siblings. Life is certainly never dull between toddler wrangling and story crafting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tell us about your book(s) – title, genre etc (short)

Currently, I have three books available for order/pre-order that are a part of The Emerald Realm Series which is a set of romantic fairy tale retellings based in a fantasy realm.

When did you start your writing adventure? What was the inspiration for it?

I only started officially writing in July of 2021, but always had ambitions to write stories someday. The final inspiration that stirred my ambitions to life was actually reading children’s fairy tales to the kids I nanny and wondering if I could rewrite them for an older audience. As the time the kids were reading the story of goldilocks and I just felt inspired to try and retell it from new eyes.

What writing plans do you have for the future?

I am currently working on my second and third romantic fantasy series simultaneously! I hope to continue producing books for as long as I have stories to bring to life.

What do you like to read?

Unsurprisingly, I enjoy reading fairy tale retellings! It’s always fascinating to read another author’s take on the original tale, I never seem to tire of it!

What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you’d started your writing adventure?

Don’t keep it to yourself! When I first started I was too shy to tell anyone other than my immediate friends and family, and found out later that I would have really benefited from sharing about my stories even before publishing them.

Author bio and book synopsis

Abigail Manning is a wife, nanny, and author of YA romance. She resides with her husband, Marcus, in the beautiful state of Tennessee. In school, she studied both Early Childhood Development and Theatre Arts, both of which aided in the development of her Emerald Realm series, based off of retold fairy tales. Abigail has always adored working with young children and drawing inspiration from their creativity. Her stories are geared towards young adults, but inspired off of children’s tales. She greatly enjoys the challenge of reinventing stories that most readers grew up with. She has only recently begun her career in writing, but already has growing ambitions revolving around her blossoming stories.

Synopsis- Poisoned Heart:A Retelling of Snow White

Princess Arabella is truly the fairest in all the land, and she knows it. With her pretty face, elaborate ball gowns, and glorious castle, she truly lives the perfect royal life. That is, until she is forced out of her home by a mysterious assassin.
With only the clothes on her back and the tiara on her head, Arabella flees from her castle in the dead of winter. As a last resort for shelter, Arabella takes up work in a laundry mill with seven other women. The once adored princess is now subjected to sleeping in piles of dirty laundry, but at least she is hidden. Well, she hopes so…
In the midst of her deadly game of hide-and-seek, she discovers that her kingdom is endangered by her absence. With the help of a dashing captain, a quirky noble, and her seven new companions, she must protect both her life and her kingdom. Will Arabella learn what true beauty is as she navigates her new life as a nameless commoner? While evil builds and secrets unfold, there may be more than her heart that’s poisoned.


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Check out the Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles for a sizzling sorcery adventure

Looking for an audiobook or awesome read? Check out The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – Book I

In a dark world where magic is illegal, and elves are enslaved a young elven sorceress runs for her life from the house of her evil Keeper. Pursued by his men and the corrupt Order of Witch-Hunters she must find sanctuary. As the slavers roll across the lands stealing elves from what remains of their ancestral home the Witch-Hunters turn a blind eye to the tragedy and a story of power, love and a terrible revenge unfolds.

18 rated (for adult content).

Available Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Google Play, Scribd, Angus and Robertson, and more on the link below – hardback, paperback, ebook and large print editions.

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Excerpt – Tales of Erana: Just One Mistake – A. L. Butcher #Fantasy

Excerpt – Tales of Erana: Just One Mistake – Adult Dark Fantasy

(c) A. L. Butcher

*Adult rated

The candle spluttered in the attic as the wind curled about the badly thatched roof. Glowglobes were currently beyond Coel’s means so in the small flickering circle of meagre light Coel assessed his night’s takings. The tavern wench had gone to her own bed or someone else’s and in many ways he was glad; any undue attention would be unwelcome in the circumstances. Coel had got away with the theft, at least he could hear no hue and cry from below or boots on the stairs. With luck, the fellow would either not miss the trinket or simply not recall his movements that evening. There had been no mistake, not this time.

Darkness oozed lazily in the remainder of the room, nosing into corners, under furniture and behind Coel, unseen, part of it detached. “That was quite a performance, bard. You have some talent, and not just your music. Although your judgement is flawed, it is never wise to steal from a thief,” the voice was smooth, like liquid velvet and very sure of itself.

Coel’s hand moved towards the dagger nestling in his belt; it would not be the first time he had been called on to defend himself, although that was how he had ended up in this mess he thought bitterly. Just one mistake, then another and now, it would seem, another.

“I do not know of what you speak! I am not a thief.” His brain caught up and he continued, “How did you get into my room? The door was locked. I’m not a bloody fool.” Coel could hear his own heart pounding. There was something about this man which frightened him. He felt like a mouse beneath the gaze of a cat. Perhaps the hangman’s noose would have been the better option.

The slate-grey cloak swirled around boots of ebony leather and the cowled figure chuckled. “That lock was barely a moment’s work. I must have a word with the owner of this place about his security. I have yet to find a door in Erana which will not yield to me. You may as well remove your hand from that blade, or would you bet your life you are swifter than the Thiefmaster? I doubt it, boy, I doubt it. Believe me when I say you would be dead before that knife left its scabbard. It would be a pity to waste such talent, would it not?”

Coel removed his hand from the dagger, his sense telling him that continuing to draw it would be a terminal decision. Instead, he placed his hand on the table and the voice breathed into his ear, Coel shivered, he had not heard the man move.

“I thought not. Sensible lad, if a lying one. This too can be a skill which can save your life, if it is used correctly and with assurance,” Darius told him.

This menacing shape was right behind him and Coel began to turn, opening his mouth to protest, and found a gloved hand on his jaw, firm but not unduly painful. “Curious are we not? This may sometimes serve you well. As for other occasions, it is wise to accept things as they are, this is one such occasion… Coel.”

The bard caught his breath, how did this man know his name? The sweat began to pool in his back, making his shirt stick unpleasantly to his skin. Had this man been hired to kill him? Had his mistake finally caught him up? Yet as Coel’s brain frantically grasped at any hope and his fingers tried to overrule his brain and reach for the dagger he realised the man had said he was a thief. A robbery, that was not so bad. It would not be the first time.

“This is not merely a social call; you are honoured for the Master of Thieves does not always test a potential recruit’s skills for himself.”

“I usually charge for my skills, music and other kinds, if that is what you prefer. I can be flexible, and my tastes are…varied. Perhaps just this once I might offer them for free. Take the coin and the trinkets, take it all.” Coel’s brain finally caught up with the conversation, “What do you mean potential recruit?”