Here Be Zombies Bundle

Here Be Zombies!

The Zombies are coming in time for Halloween!

Brainsssss! The dead are walking, hungry and brains taste so good…

12 Tales of zombies and zombie hunters.

1. “Alice’s Adventures in Underland” by DeAnna Knippling
2. “I Hate Zombies” by Shantnu Tiwari
3. “Zomopolis” by Russ Crossley
4. “Zombie Ever After” by Carl S. Plumer
5. “Zombee A Go-Go” by Rebecca M. Senese
6. “Zombie Girl Invasion” by De Kenyon
7. “Life Among the Dead” by Rebecca M. Senese
8. “Usher Falling” by Sandra Seymour
9. “My Zombie Prince” by Russ Crossley
10. “A Chat Before Dinner” by Michael Kingswood
11. “The Island” by Will Overby
12. “Dragon Rising” by Russ Crossley

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Character Interview Number Thirty-Two – KL – Zombie/Horror

Tell Us About Yourself

Name (s): KL

Age: somewhere between 30 and 40, a lady never tells. *snort* but I’m not much of a lady.
Please tell us a little about yourself. Well, what’s there to tell? I have the best job ever. I get to dress up as a character and go to all the Con’s and sign comic books with my Wife. She does all the illustrations and her character is basically my sidekick.

We hang out with a Zombie Response Team and have lots of fun pretending to kill zombies. Zombies aren’t quite the same thing as Revenants, but pretty close, so the gig sells books.

Describe your appearance in 10 words or less. Black long coat, black hat, motorcycle boots, black leather belt, and bracers. Blonde Mohawk.

Do you have a moral code? If so what is it? Oh, yes. My moral code isn’t quite PC. Basically, if you aren’t worth saving, I’m not gonna be the one to sacrifice me or mine to get you out of the rut you put yourself in.

Would you kill for those you love? Definitely. Actually, I’d just say count on it.

Would you die for those you love? I only love one person, so yes. For that one person.

What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses? IDGAF. That’s it. I don’t get attached, and I’m pragmatic. That makes it easy to make tough decisions that others seem to bellyache about. On the other hand, people tend to think I’m cold…or indifferent. Meh. I can live with that.

Do you have any relationships you prize above others? Why? My wife. She’s my soulmate and the only one I care about.

Do you like animals? Do you have any pets/animal companions? Animals are great. They don’t ask silly questions and they are loyal. Back home we have cats and horses. I hope they are all okay.

Do you have a family? Tell us about them. My wife, Roxy is my family. I guess our team, what’s left of them, are what you would call extended family. Roxy is the military mind…she keeps everyone in line and I back her up.

The others? Well, there’s Paul and Lauren, a nice couple who can kick ass when needed. Lauren is tiny, but she’s hell with a 9mil. Bobby is a veteran, a little disturbed and he hardly ever talks. When he does, you better bet your ass you should listen to what he has to say.

Jason is a ginger freak…at over 6 feet tall and 240 lbs of muscle, he’s Mr. Clean with an attitude unless there’s a woman involved, then he turns twelve and tongue-tied.

We have a couple of newcomers. Ann wasn’t supposed to be one of us, but she’s good with the kid, and she keeps Jason in line. I wasn’t too impressed with her at the beginning, but somewhere along the way she found her place in our little group.

Last but not least, we’ve got Carol Ann. We found her at the Con and she’s a weird little thing. The verdict is still out on whether she’s right in the head…but we don’t argue about one thing, the little girl is creepy as hell. I’m not usually a kid sort of person, but she just makes you want to protect her, you know what I mean?

Can you remember something from your childhood which influences your behaviour? How do you think it influences you? You know, a Zombie Apocalypse kind of puts things in perspective. What was past is past, it’s irrelevant now that the world’s gone to hell.

Do you have any phobias? Oh, Jeez. You had to ask. I hate, hate, hate, hate….elevators. Little square boxes of death.

Please give us an interesting and unusual fact about yourself. I think this will surprise you. One of the biggest things that pisses me off about the zombie apocalypse is the fact that I may never get my latest tattoo finished. I mean, really? All the good artists are probably gone, and then there’s that pesky need to sterilize. Getting an infection now is so not a good idea. Sigh.

Tell Us About Your World

Please give us a little information about the world in which you live. Well, it’s 2019. Things have been going south for a while. We’ve got problems with the fringe groups who aren’t happy that the 2nd coming hasn’t happened and between them and global warming, there isn’t much good to say about the world. Surprisingly, or not…depending on how you see it…escapism is alive and well because people need it, desperately. The Con’s and other shows are popular as hell. I mean, when the world sucks, dressing up as a superhero and traipsing about is one way to make you feel good about your life. It’s not all bad, but it’s a weird mix of paranoia out there.

The zombie apocalypse removed a lot of things people were tired of, like bills, mortgages, bosses, etc. etc. Sure, you’re dirty and have to deal with the aftermath, but hell, you aren’t pulling 9 to 5 at a mind numbing desk job anymore.

No one expected that fantasy world to become reality. You know what they say, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. It’s a duck. Well, live your life like a zombie…and one day, poof, there you are, one of the soulless ones looking for a free lunch and people are on the menu.

Does your world have religion or other spiritual beliefs? If so do you follow one of them? Please describe (briefly) how this affects your behaviour. Well, I tend to avoid organized religion. There are a few groups out there that think the “Good ole days” are the only way to ensure survival of the human species. Me and my wife? We don’t fit into that mold so we lay low and avoid those groups.

Do you travel in the course of your adventures? If so where? Right now, we’re just trying to get home. That’s proving to be more difficult than we expected.

Name and describe a food from your world. Mm. My favorite food used to be french-fries…I’m not sure I want to tell you why they aren’t anymore.

Does your world have magic? If so how is it viewed in your world? You know, I’m not sure anymore. Before yesterday, I’d say hell no. But today? After what I’ve seen…there’s some weird stuff going on. I think the rules have been changed.

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