Erana Author Promotional Services and Contact Info


Great value promotion for indie authors, editors, audio narrators and cover designers.

Author services provided by A.L. Butcher – fantasy author

All features will be posted to

Autoposted to Bloglovin, Goodreads author blog and tweets to @libraryoferana, and my author page here 

Posts will also be shared here: 

Plus Linked In, Pinterest and Instagram 

Contact via the contact form here: or email –

All payments via Paypal.


Basic Book Spotlight – your book’s links, cover art, short author bio (250 words), short synopsis (250 words)

Cover Reveal

Reader/Reviewer Interview

Swift 6 – Author Interview – 6 questions about you, plus links etc.

Swift 6 – Character Interview – 6 questions from the point of view of your character.

Short interview for audiobook narrators/cover designers/editors

Short guest post (500 words) about fantasy/sci-fi/writing/mythology/history. Other topics negotiable.

Short excerpt plus links (max 400 words for the excerpt)

Simple sale announcement/giveaway announcement

Short – Day in the Life of X – a quickie interview outlining the basics of being a writer/editor/etc


£6/$6 per promotional item:

Dirty Dozen – author interview – 12 questions, plus links, longer author bio and excerpt.

Dirty Dozen – character interview – 12 questions plus links, longer author bio and excerpt

Good cop/Bad cop’– character questions. Your hero and villain go head to head, or can answer individually in this double interview.

‘A day in the life of….’ An in-depth interview outlining either your own writing day (or evening) or that of a character.

Zweihander – double character interview – ideal for romances, bromances and partnerships Long Spotlight – Basic spotlight plus long excerpt, synopsis and questions.

Top Ten 1 – discuss 10 of your favourite movies/books/monsters/fairy tales etc. (Author’s choice)

Top Ten 2 – name your favourite ten things from the list provided

Long guest post – talk in- depth about writing, fantasy, etc (negotiable on price and subject)

Long audio narrator interview – 12 -15 questions about your work Long cover artist interview – 12-15 questions about your work, samples etc.

Long editor interview – 12 -15 questions, samples/examples etc.

These will be POST OF THE DAY, posted on the blog, Facebook pages, copied to bloglovin, and Goodreads, Tumblr and Linkedin (Also 2x tweets per day for a week and ad hoc thereafter.



COMBI available – (others negotiable)

2x enhanced features purchased at once – £8.50/$8.50

A Week With – You get your choice of items to post on the blog (etc.) for a whole week (5 or 7 consecutive days)

5 days = £25/$25

7= £28/$28


These will be POST OF THE DAY. You also get 2x tweets per day for 10 days and ad hoc thereafter and posted to the usual places.

Supplementary services:

Noob’s Guide Pack – for new indie authors.

Noob’s Guide (short PDF of advice to self-publishing on Kindle, audio books, basic new author advice) + basic author interview and one discount on enhanced service.

Proofreading/editing for consistency, plot and character weakness – prices vary depending on length and timescale

Kindle Formatting – rates negotiable on length and timescale.



13 thoughts on “Erana Author Promotional Services and Contact Info

  1. Hey Alexandra,

    One of the other authors I follow has started a new way to try and get authors connected with each other, and the idea is to post a blog with 5 links to other author blogs, including the one who introduced you to it. I just wanted to let you know that yours is one of the blogs I’m linking to.

    Thanks, Rob

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, I have a fantasy novel out in November called Firebolt. I would love if you can do an author interview. That is if you would like, in January. I’m setting up my own virtual tour, and I would like to add your blog as one of my stops where you can do any kind of post on me, or my novel. I like the sound of your interviews. It’s really awesome to see what readers like in stories and it gives me another perspective seeing it from their eyes.

    Thanks so much for doing this, and good luck with that award.
    If you like to participate, you can find me at or Yes, I’m a fellow book lover blogger.

    Take care,


  3. Hello, good to see an active connection of authors helping each other out. I was curious if you might point me in the right direction to find a reviewer to tackle a short story i’ve published on amazon kindle. I should have done an advanced reader request before publishing, but i’m new to this crazy world of self-publishing. Anyways, any direction would help.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goodreads has various read and review groups. They do often expect a free copy for review and they will tell you what is what but that might be a good place to start. What genre is it? If it is fantasy I can point you at some friendly facebook groups. Reviews can be tricky to get, and aren’t always favourable, of course but plenty of books sell without many. You could check your local area for readers’ or writers’ groups.
      I’d say Goodreads is a must, although do make sure you check the individual group rules on promotion.
      Hope this helps.


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