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Smashwords are having a sale for Read an E-book Week 5th – 11th March

To celebrate some of my books are in the sale. This is for the SMASHWORDS copies only.

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All my books except The Stolen Tower are also available in audio – so if you enjoy the book please check those out. And don’t forget to leave a review.

There are also hundreds of other books on offer until 11th March, and to check out some others from authors in the Goodreads Smashwords author group please look here Smashwords Read an E Book 2017


Book Spotlight – Tortured Worlds – Science Fiction


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Title: Tortured Worlds: Stories of Science Fiction

Author: Caleb Peiffer

Genre: Science Fiction

Main character description (short). Leon Caval and Nedda Silvio, stars of the first short story, Across Worlds, have never met in person, but each night they meet in a dream world. Leon has led a sheltered, privileged life, and the appearance of the highly evolved, seemingly heroic Supermen aliens is exciting to him. Meanwhile, Nedda, who’s never had a loving home or relationship, is skeptical of anyone with power.


A post-apocalyptic winter, superpowered aliens, a machine that controls the planets’ movement, immortal love, and voices echoing from nowhere. These are just some of the things that torture the worlds you’ll find in these stories.

The Tortured Worlds collection features five stories of science fiction and fantasy:

Across Worlds – While the Supermen, powerful extraterrestrial visitors, try to save the world, Leon and Nedda, two star-crossed strangers who meet in their dreams, have to save their own world from destruction.

A Pyre for the World on Ice – In a post-apocalyptic world frozen by a nuclear winter, time-traveling Alex Dandes has to track down a bomber in a seemingly lifeless Tokyo.

Receding – Quelorian, Lord of Chaos, sits on the edge of the universe, waiting for it to end, desperate to undo the past mistakes that tore him and the love of his life apart.

Throne of God – In the 26th century, the Neo-Sun gives light and life to the human race, and Samson Arsovi is the newest recruit elected to pilot the machine that controls our solar system.

Voices in the Void – If reality is an illusion, and we’re all the figments of one deranged, schizophrenic imagination, then whose dream are we in?


Brief Excerpt 250 words:

Nedda Silvio dreamed about a boy. Not the way other girls dreamed, about the nebulous idea of the perfect boy, someone handsome and sexy, sweet with a dark side or dark with a sweet side, who’d treat her like a princess and always say she was beautiful and respect her for her mind too. Nedda Silvio had only ever liked one boy. The one in her dream.

They’d never met in the daytime. Only in the dreamscape. It was a beautiful place, not misty and cushioned with clouds everywhere like she’d always imagined a world of dreams, but something a little like that. Not like Earth, either, but something like that too. It had forests, like Earth, with trees that were thicker and more like clouds than Earth’s. It had mountains, but they were round like giant hills, and sometimes shaped liked spheres that looked as if they should roll but didn’t. There were cities if you looked for them, full of crowds of people who never moved and never spoke. The people were hazy and formless and they didn’t have faces.

They talked about the Supermen, sometimes. The boy thought they were heroes. They scared Nedda, but she thought they were on the humans’ side. Whether or not that was a good thing, she wasn’t sure. The boy didn’t understand how those could be different things. He asked her if she’d read the novel the Superman who called itself Artemis had written. She hadn’t. He told her the story.

Why should readers buy this book?

Tortured Worlds features five sci-fi short stories that put – if you will – tortuous twists on sci-fi cliches. I think there’s something for everyone here. But more than that, it’s my hope that these stories will inspire. Show you that, no matter how tortured your world, dragons can be slain.




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Swift Six Character Interview – Estella Delcour – Dark Fantasy


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Swift Six Character Interview

Character Name: Estella Delcour

Which book/world do you live in? The Shadow Crucible, set in medieval London.

Tell us about yourself

I am the person you least suspect, they deem me holy yet I am not.  I inspire love and hatred in equal measure.  My manor is empty of guests, it is a court for demonic fiends you will never see.  I hold audiences with demons more than the living.  I delight in walking among the Templars, the Clergy, and the Royal Courts hearing their barren truths; for those who speak do not know, whilst those who know do not speak.  How they would love to burn me at the stake.  A dark trail follows me and it will follow you, if you betray my name or the words I now share with you.   I am a seer, not the mediocre kind, I see beyond the heavens into the macabre game between Samael and the Throne.  I have been hither to an unsuspected spectator, until the blind one finds out I have been watching all along.  I am hunted, to be a precious cog in his dark machinations


What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? My greatest strength is my magic, I am strong enough to hold back from giving into the demons that plagued me all my life, and stubborn enough to stand up to Lucifer. I am my own person and I do not let society dictate to me. I am very resourceful and know how to play the social games that allow me to hide in plain sight. I am ready to sacrifice everything not to give in to an evil master, I am determined to break free of the chessboard of the Gods.

My greatest weakness is my confusion of the meaning of my life; the fact that I feel that I am a pawn in other people’s game renders me bitter and unpredictable, prone to rash decisions. Anything that threatens my sense of identity makes me flee.

Name three important people/creatures/institutions in your world (such as lovers, pets, government institutions, leaders, gods etc).

The Crone is dear to me, she is the facet of the Goddess that I cherish the most, comforting and austere, she is the strength I seek to emulate.

The Horned God: who gave me a higher purpose and my freedom.

Mikhail, I knew he was a product of his upbringing but he has the same spirit as me, the same need to defy the establishment on earth and heaven.

What does ‘heroism’ mean to you?

Making the tough decisions that no one else wants to make, often forcing their hand for the greater good. It’s the ability to foresee the outcomes and make sacrifices for the sake of humanity. But it is also overrated; people are dying for meaning and would often throw their lives away for recognition. Heroism is a form of leadership, where you take the initiative and forge the destiny of others. But for me it also means taking the blame and the risks that nobody wants to undertake.

What do you think of your ‘creator’?

I think she sees the world around her as a dark place and if she could, she would disappear into the worlds she creates. She is disenchanted with humanity and seeks the sublime truths and answers to ancient enigmas. The lack of magic in her world saddens her and she wishes she could pull back the veil and see what lies beyond, for she believes the ancient myths and stories hold a grain of truth and there is more to the universe than everyone sees.

Give us your favourite piece of advice: Everyone is seeking recognition and a sense of purpose, you take that away from them, you undo them and make of them an enemy, the meaningless of life terrifies people. So, if you want to make friends with them, attune your purpose to theirs and suddenly they are your best friend.

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Dirty Dozen Character Interview – The Ghost – Fantasy


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CHARACTER NAME: I’ve had so many names–Ahearn, Pandaros, Darhour, Sigurd . . . You can call me The Ghost. It will due.

Tell us a little about yourself. Which self do you mean? The son of a whore whose mother threw him out when he was a child? The royal stable groom who had an affair with the queen? The exile starving in the streets of a foreign land? The mercenary soldier fighting a war he never bothered to understand? The infamous assassin whose taken more lives than he can count? The king’s Master of the Horse? The chief bodyguard of the crown princess? The oath-breaker who is bound for hell? I’ve been too many people to know which is myself.

Do you have a moral code? If so what might it be? I had one once, but I’ve broken the vow I made at the goddess’s holy altar. If I’d do that, what wouldn’t I do?

Would you kill for those you love? I have, repeatedly, and I’d do so again without hesitation. You threaten my daughter, and you will learn how I earned the name, The Ghost.

Would you die for those you love? I’ve done that too. I ripped my heart out of chest when I left my daughter. I couldn’t risk corrupting her with my darkness or of anyone noticing a resemblance between us. If the court learned she is a bastard, it could cost her her throne or even her life. But without her, I might as well be dead.

How do you define ‘heroism?’ Heroism is a pretty word people use to justify killing others. As Phelix once taught me, whether you kill someone in battle or slit their throat while they sleep, dead is dead, and all end up in Hades together.

Tell us about your family? My mother sent me to her brother when I was seven because her latest man demanded she get rid of me. Whether my mother or any of my brothers and sisters are still alive, I don’t know. I don’t even know how many siblings I have. I went to visit my mother was I was fifteen, and she didn’t recognize me. I told her who I was, and she made it clear I wasn’t welcome and closed the door in my face. I haven’t heard from her since. Still, being sent to my uncle was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. Uncle Barris worked in the royal stables, and he not only took me in with no questions, he treated me like a son and taught me everything I know about horses. I loved him completely. He died when I was fifteen in an epidemic that swept through the capital. I still grieve his death, but I think it fortunately he didn’t live to see what I have become. The only relative that matters to me now is my daughter, the result of an affair with the queen, which caused my exile. My daughter is now queen of Korthlundia and has only recently discovered that the king wasn’t truly her father. For awhile, I served as the captain of her personal guard, but that couldn’t last. She is far too good of a person to be my daughter.

What is your greatest skill/asset? I think you’ve probably guessed by now. My skills as an assassin have made me infamous throughout the known world. I’m so good at getting into my victim’s rooms, some believe I can walk through walls. That’s why they called me, The Ghost. When I worked for the Saloynan king, it was known that if The Ghost was on your tail, it was time to start making funeral plans. I’ve never missed my target.

Do you believe in god(s)? How could I not? I accompanied my daughter to Sulis’s holy shrine on an island that cannot be found without the goddess’s blessing. I knelt there in the presence of Sulis’s holy priestess who knew every secret in my soul. My entire being shook with the Holy Mother’s presence as the priestess pronounced my daughter the goddess’s choice to rule Korthlundia even thought the king isn’t truly her father. Oh, yes, Sulis is the Mother of us all. But not even she can forgive what I’ve done.

What is your greatest fear? That someone will discover that instead of the king, I am Samantha’s father. I deserve anything bad that happens to me, but she must be safe.

What do you think of your author/creator? She’s cruel. But she better not treat my daughter in her next book like the way she treated me in this one, or she’ll wish I really was a ghost.

Do you believe in magic? That’s like asking if I believe in air. Magic is a part of this world. You can’t escape it.

Tell us about your greatest achievement. Fathering my daughter is the only good I’ve ever accomplished in the world. Samantha will be a wonderful queen, but that is only because I had no hand in her rearing.

For the author

Books in which this character appears:

The Goddess’s Choice and The Ghost in Exile

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Twitter: @RobrekSamantha


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The Ghost in Exile

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Jamie began writing stories about the man from Mars when she was six, and she never remembers wanting to be anything other than a writer. Everyone told her she needed a back up plan, so she pursued a Ph.D. in American literature, which she received in 1998. She started teaching writing and literature at Auburn University. One day in the midst of writing a piece of literary criticism, she realized she’d put her true passion on the backburner and neglected her muse. The literary article went into the trash, and she began the book that was to become The Goddess’s Choice, which was published in April 2012. Her other novels include The Soul Stone and The Ghost in Exile. In addition, she has published a novella, Demons in the Big Easy, and a collection of short stories, Blood Cursed and Other Tales of the Fantastic. Her short fiction has also appeared in the anthologies–Urban Fantasy and Of Dragons & Magic: Tales of the Lost Worlds—and in Bards & Sages, The World of Myth, A Writer’s Haven, and She claims she writes about the fantastic . . . and the tortured soul. Her poor characters have hard lives. She lives in Auburn, Alabama, with her husband and four cats, which (or so she’s been told) officially makes her a cat lady. She still teaches writing and literature at Auburn University. She is the mother of a grown son.



Swift Six Author Interview- TM Lakomy- Fantasy


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Name: T. M. Lakomy (Tamara Lakomy)

What attracts you to the genre in which you write? I was always attracted to the darker aspects of fantasy, the fabric of our dreams and nightmares, where our wildest imaginations often have free rein. I find that this genre allows the story to be raw and cutting to the bone, with a realistic touch, lending fantasy a feel of authenticity. It makes it easier to believe as it reflects the darker aspects of human nature and existence.

What piece of writing advice do you wish you’d known when you started your writing adventures? That the amount of rejection has nothing to do with the quality of your work but rather a reflection on whether someone thinks they can sell and market it, it is nothing personal but rather a business transaction. So basically, keep pushing and don’t be discouraged, write for yourself, pour your heart into it and someone will see the merit eventually. It takes time but perseverance pays off.

If you could have dinner with any famous person or character who would you chose? Tolkien, I would love to hear him describe his own works, and hear his opinion on current events and literature. I am sure he had such a wealth of wisdom exceeding what he bequeathed to his books and I would have loved to have seen his writing through his own eyes.

Who has been the greatest influence on your own work? William Blake. His poetry touched me very deeply, especially the religious/spiritual streak in it. I am deeply spiritual and most of my writings have some sort of message, questioning and seeking answers to divine enigmas. Poetry has always been my weakest spot, the outpouring of the soul in its most poignant form.

 Do you think the e-book revolution will do away with print? No, I think people will always treasure a beautiful library and collect their favourite and previous books, but as we have hectic lives and schedules, it is easier to transport all your books in one small device and read them at leisure. It is a question of convenience. We like that which simplifies our lives.

Which 3 books would you take to a desert island and why?

  • The Silmarillion: that book deeply influenced me, it helped me through some dark times in my teenage years. It was pure escapism into a wondrous world that allowed me to develop and discover my own literary talents.
  • Any book by Mircea Eliade: I was fascinated with shamanism while studying archaeology. I was mostly enamoured with the occult and the spiritual and Eliade’s books are an amazing source of knowledge.
  • “A collection of works” by Guy de Maupassant; I grew up in a francophone environment, exposed to French literature, and his writings deeply marked me, the morality behind his stories are quite striking and often bitter. I learned a lot and became enriched by his style.


Author bio and book synopsis

Please introduce yourself (250 words or so): I am T. M Lakomy (Tamara Lakomy).  I was born in London, but grew up as a tribal girl in a North African repressive regime. I spent my childhood between the slums of Mellasine and the affluent neighbourhoods in Tunis.

I studied archaeology and became enamoured with the shamanistic practices of indigenous people.

I am an author and poet who seeks to challenge our notions of reality, and see life with a different perspective.

I work in East Africa with indigenous tribes studying the origins of mankind and the salient golden thread in the tapestry of humanity’s beliefs.

Tell us about your book(s) – title, genre etc (short) My novel is called “The Shadow Crucible: The Blind God”, it’s Dark Fantasy.

Synopsis: in a world where angels, demons, and gods fight over the possession of mortal souls, two conflicted pawns are ensnared in a cruel game. The enigmatic seer Estella finds herself thrown together with Count Mikhail, a dogmatic Templar dedicated to subjugating her kind. But when a corrupted cardinal and puppet king begin a systematic genocide of her people, the two become unlikely allies.

Taking humanity back to their primordial beliefs and fears, Estella confronts Mikhail’s faith by revealing the true horror of the lucrative trade in human souls. All organized religions are shops orchestrated to consume mankind. Every deity, religion, and spiritual guide has been corrupted, and each claims to have the monopoly on truth and salvation.

In a perilous game where the truth is distorted and meddling ancient deities converge to partake of the unseen battle, Estella unwittingly finds herself hunted by Lucifer. Traversing the edge of hell’s precipice, Estella and Mikhail are reduced to mere instruments. Their only means to overcome is through courting the Threefold Death, the ancient ritual of apotheosis—of man becoming God.



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Book Spotlight – The Shadow Crucible – Dark Fantasy


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Title: The Shadow Crucible: the Blind God

Author: T.M Lakomy (Tamara Lakomy)

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Main character description. Estella Delcour (Tsura) A seer and the Lady of Redfern Manor. She is the most far-seeing of all the Twilit folk, who sees the divine game played between Samael (the blind god) and the Goddess.


In a world where angels, demons, and gods fight over the possession of mortal souls, two conflicted pawns are ensnared in a cruel game. The enigmatic seer Estella finds herself thrown together with Count Mikhail, a dogmatic Templar dedicated to subjugating her kind. But when a corrupted cardinal and puppet king begin a systematic genocide of her people, the two become unlikely allies.

Taking humanity back to their primordial beliefs and fears, Estella confronts Mikhail’s faith by revealing the true horror of the lucrative trade in human souls. All organized religions are shops orchestrated to consume mankind. Every deity, religion, and spiritual guide has been corrupted, and each claims to have the monopoly on truth and salvation.

In a perilous game where the truth is distorted and meddling ancient deities converge to partake of the unseen battle, Estella unwittingly finds herself hunted by Lucifer. Traversing the edge of hell’s precipice, Estella and Mikhail are reduced to mere instruments. Their only means to overcome is through courting the Threefold Death, the ancient ritual of apotheosis—of man becoming God.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

“I want to liberate you from your thraldom,” he said. “I have watched over you all, my tender flock. I am Lucifer, the morning star, the first to greet you with my love into this life, and the last to claim you on my dark stallion of death. I have come to free you.” His persuasive voice was soothing and nurturing, like a gentle river rippling mildly over soft bedrock. The cardinal found himself in a daze of awe, and within him woke his longing for power and lust for dominion. “Come to me, let me free you, and we shall destroy the Twilit world that has robbed you of the gifts that you so deserved.” The fatherly voice of the angel was indignant yet gentle, and he beamed at the cardinal who nodded back eagerly. “Let me into your heart, then. Lead me into your house, in this false edifice erected in the name of God, and let us together find the lost sheep in the house of God. I am his true son, after all, prince of the world.” He glided towards the cardinal, his numerous nacre wings extending into the chamber. They shed their own pearly light, and it seemed he floated like a silver vision. The angel knelt beside the cardinal, gazing into his watery eyes. “Let me into his house.” The voice was slightly more pressing now. The cardinal, dazed, nodded in agreement. With a satisfied smile, the angel touched the cardinal’s chest with a slender finger, right at his heart, and breathed over him. The cardinal groaned, falling instantly asleep

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

The novel challenges the reader to examine the roots of their beliefs and explore the other aspects of the Abrahamic faiths that are seldom discussed. It questions the disparity between paganism and current religions, finding the salient thread that connects our subconscious thinking. It also interprets Gnosticism in a modern way specifically the topic of apotheosis.




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Zweihander Interview – Prince Skylon and Prince Dorien


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Welcome to the first of one of the new formats for interviews – a zweihander. This features TWO characters who either take turns answering questions or give an answer each, responding to the other’s comments.

Today we welcome Prince Skylon – lord of the Snowy Sky and Prince Dorien – lord of the Dawn, from the Kingdom of the Sky – who feature here: Tales of the Golden Mask on Amazon

Relationship: brothers.

World: Kingdom of the Sky

Book(s): Tales from the Golden Mask: An Initiate’s Tale

1)      How and where did you meet?

Skylon: Does birth count as meeting?  We are brothers, raised in the Zenana together.  We have always known one another.

Dorien: As my brother says, although of course I was first born, and my mother is the Principal Wife of the King. Skylon’s mother is one of the lesser consorts. We were born on the same day – I at dawn when as the sun rose over the mountains, and Skylon later on – during a snowstorm.

2)      What is it you like most about the other person

Skylon: His daring.  He has no fear, no hesitation.  He just… does what needs doing without pause.

Dorien: I don’t like to admit it but my brother is far cleverer than I. He’s the scholar, destined to serve the Temple and a be far better diplomat than I’ll ever be.

3)      What is it you hate most about them?

Skylon: hmm… hate is such a strong word.  I do become… annoyed with his… pleasure seeking.  Every pretty face and curvy body is an opportunity to him.  I feel no such urges to sow my seed.  Once I am anointed to the Goddess I will have no need of a harem, so I see no reason to collect ladies for my boudoir.

Dorien: He must think everything through for so long! Even when we were children he was cautious. I like to have fun, amuse myself and such activities are far better with a companion-in-mischief.  Skylon is timid, especially with women. I love all women, the more the better! Skylon should be spreading his seed!

4)      Do you work well as a partnership?

Skylon: Yes, we consult together on most things.  I do my best to keep him from too much mischief, and he pushes me to experience life away from the libraries and scholars.

Dorien: I think so. Although we disagree on things overall our skills complement one another.

5)      Do you think your partnership will last?

Skylon: That, I believe, is a question for the Goddess.  Only she can determine my future as her anointed.  But, most likely, I shall spend the rest of my days in her temple serving her while he rules from the palace across the gardens.

Dorien: We know it cannot.  When father dies, or abdicates, I shall rule. Skylon is already destined to serve the Goddess. Of course, we’ll always be brothers but our paths will diverge.

6)      Describe the other person (max 100 words)

Dorien: Skylon is pale of skin and hair, trustworthy and kind. He’s clever and thoughtful.

Skylon: Dorien is smaller than me, but bolder.  He has the sunny complexion of warmer climes and boundless energy.  He always wants to be doing something, usually something fun.

7)      Describe how you think the other person sees you.

Dorien: Arrogant, reckless and pleasure-obsessed. None of these are bad, in my view. I am sure my brother would disagree.

Skylon: probably as mousy, hesitant.  I stop to think through all things before acting.  I like to study a situation before entering into action.

8)      Tell us a little about your adventures.

Dorien: Life within the palace was rather dull. I mean we are men now, not children. Beyond the gates is a whole world to be seen, to be pleasured and to be experienced. I suppose one could describe it as an adventure of discovery – a visit to the carnival, and then to the ‘playhouse’. I never knew sure delights could await a man as to be found in the rooms of Tatia and of Felicity, in the Golden Mask. You should visit that house of fun – women can be served too.

Skylon: I’d have to say – unplanned, and unexpected.  A “short jaunt about the provinces,” he said.  “Sample the local colour,” he said.  I thought we were going to view one of the little local customs that still prevail outside of the city.  I had no idea that we would end up… *cough* participating… *ahem* in… colourful customs.

9)      Tell us about your world – and your part of it.

Dorien: As we’ve said, we are the highest of the high-born. One day our duty will mean we must serve, but until then WE are served. Our world is one of luxury and pleasure. We have fine things, beautiful women, tasty food and elegant garments.

Beyond that our people live their lives. I know little of the lives of the common folk – they are born, they work, they make new peasants, they die. Sometimes the most comely are sent to the Zenana as potential consorts. If they are chosen then they become wealthy and elegant, if they bear fruit then their families are rewarded. Even those not chosen are rewarded by some means. It can make a great difference to those of poor status.

Skylon: I think my brother has offered a good introduction to the world as we experience it.  As to my place in it, I am destined to serve the Goddess at her temple.  Once I have completed the bonding ritual, I will never leave the grounds of the great temple except to renew the Goddess’s strength at provincial temples or as a diplomat in the other provinces.  Any women I have in my harem will become servants of the temple, and any heirs I have fathered will be raised in my brother’s harem to one day act as consorts or ambassadors for the court.  Until then, I enjoy my studies and time with my lovely consort.

10)   Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Dorien: If our father is like his own father, he will still be hearty in health, so I guess I’ll be doing my duty making heirs to my line, and amusing the ladies of the court.  There has been talk of travel to the outer regions of the Kingdom, but that is for when I tire of the home-grown girls.

Skylon: Five years time… hopefully still enjoying my time in the Zenana.  I am in no rush to reach my bonding.  An heir or two would be welcome, but I feel no need to fill the Zenana with “comely lasses” as my brother puts it.  The temple has well enough ladies in service already.

Dorien: (winks) if you wish to know more about our adventures then you might like to seek us out. In more opinion the more the merrier!

Skylon: (Eyes roll).


Book Synopsis

Sultry and sensual adventures to warm your cold winter nights or steam up your long summer days. Set in a fantasy world where nothing is quite what it appears, an old book and a strange golden mask bring power and pleasure.

The first instalment in the Tales of the Golden Mask

Adult rated – sexy mischief.

Alexa Lynsey walks the paths of fantasy regularly; she enjoys writing sultry fiction and ‘sex and sorcery’ stories and reading a wide variety of fiction and fact. A passionate historian and nature lover she sees beauty and knowledge everywhere. When not writing saucy tales her other self is a poet, fantasy writer and blogger.

Belle De Ver is a lover of the beautiful things in life and enjoys sharing poetry and stories about beautiful things. Her writings combine fantasy settings with erotic situations for sexy, fantastical good times. Writing with her favourite partner, Alexa Lynsey, they invite you to share their journey into the sensual realms.

Belle De Ver author page

Alexa Lynsey Author Page

Golden Mask Twitter

Alexa Lynsey on Facebook

The book is available on Amazon, Amazon print, Kobo Adult, Barnes and Noble, I-books and Smashwords.



Outside the Walls by Diana L. Wicker @feyrontales and A. L. Butcher #bookreview #FridayReads

What a great review of Outside the Walls:)

POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing


Title: Outside the Walls

Author: Diana L. Wicker, A. L. Butcher

Genre: Fantasy, Short Story

Book Blurb:

When the tide of war flows many are caught in its wake. Who will gain entry to the city and who will be forced to remain outside the walls?

A short fantasy tale of love, loyalty and courage in war.

My Review:

Can one woman change her kingdom just by being kind to those deemed useless?

War has come to Havenforth and while her husband is off fighting, Duchess Eleanor is home, safe and sound behind the town walls. But this war has created such destruction that refugees are flocking to be let inside the walls and the Council has taken over the government. The Council will only allow in those refugees who serve a purpose for them and can work for food, clothing and shelter. The rest of the refugees, namely women…

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Outside the Walls by Diana L. Wicker @feyrontales and A. L. Butcher #bookreview #FridayReads

Title: Outside the Walls Author: Diana L. Wicker, A. L. Butcher Genre: Fantasy, Short Story   Book Blurb: When the tide of war flows many are caught in its wake. Who will gain entry to …

Source: Outside the Walls by Diana L. Wicker @feyrontales and A. L. Butcher #bookreview #FridayReads