Book Spotlight – Healing Springs – Lesbian Romance/Paranormal Romance

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Title: Healing Springs

Author: Rhavensfyre

Genre: Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Main character description (short).

Selene and Amy are the two main characters, and it is as much Amy’s story as it is Selene’s. Both left Healing Springs right after school and now are hovering right around 40 years old before returning home. However, there is a third, and very important character that threads its way through the story…and that is the springs itself. The Springs has a few things to say about how things are supposed to be, and where Amy and Selene are going.


Falling out of love is one thing, but purposefully forgetting it is another. Selene McAlister is a successful author who had it all. Best-selling novels, a beautiful beach house, a fast car and perfect health…until one rainy night that changed her life forever.

Selene had to be cut from the wreckage of her sports car, and despite horrific injuries, she survived. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, she couldn’t decide…not when she had to deal with the aftermath of her injuries every day after that.

Broken and battered, scarred and in pain, she was a ghost of her former self, but that wasn’t the worst of it. The accident had taken something more important from her than physical health…it had robbed her of the ability to write…and taken huge chunks of memory along with it.

Now, at forty years old, she’s being forced to move back to Healing Springs and return to the small family Inn her mother owns. Returning to her childhood home was never a part of her plans. On top of everything else that happened, it only served to convince her that her life was a total failure, and that she had nothing left to look forward to other than a lifetime of pain and isolation.

Amy Fontaine is a successful businesswoman and photographer. She is also Selene’s best friend and has been since before High School. She’s not the type to let Selene retreat from life and succumb to self-pity, not if she has anything to say in that matter. Maybe that’s why Amy was the last person Selene wanted to see when she returned to Healing Springs.

Fortunately for Selene, her friends and family were having none of it. They would find a way to reach Selene and show her that she still had worth…and in Amy’s case…that she was still worthy of love.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

“Every year, your grandmother would tell the tale while the bonfire burned, adding to the spice of the family ritual, only it wasn’t just a story. It was a warning. A warning to beware of wanting a thing so bad that you wish for something that should never be wished for. A wish made when you’re in pain and hurting so bad that your wish turns into a curse, and you pay, Selene. You pay every day after that, even if you had the best intentions. Even if you meant to curse yourself and no one else…because nothing can happen without it affecting the people around you, just like ripples travel across a disturbed pool.”


Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

This novel is dedicated to all the strong women out there that wake up every day and struggle with disabilities, both visible and invisible. Their fight is what inspired this novel, and in some small way, perhaps they can find their way to their own Healing Springs.


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Book Spotlight – War of Nytefall – Fantasy/Paranormal

Title:  War of Nytefall: Loyalty

Author:  Charles E. Yallowitz

Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy, Vampires

Main character description (short):  Clyde was a vampiric thief, but the Great Cataclysm and fifty years of being buried alive has changed him.  He has returned with more strength, speed, and ferocity than has ever been seen among the vampires.  While fuelled by arrogance and confidence, he is aware that Windemere is not the same world he previously thrived in.  Even worse, Clyde must contend with a savage bloodlust that even his old friends might be unable to help him keep under control.


In the wake of the Great Cataclysm, a new predator will emerge from within Windemere’s shadow.

For fifty years, Clyde has been trapped beneath the earth while the vampire kingdom has been gradually losing its war against the Sun God’s followers. Only Mab believes that her partner survived his holy execution and is determined to bring him back to the city of Nyte. Retrieving the vampiric thief is only the beginning as he comes out of the ground stronger, faster, and possessing abilities that their kind have never witnessed throughout their ancient history. Thrown into the war, Clyde must be careful to hide his true nature while fighting alongside his old friends. Too bad he is having so much fun being free that keeping his secret might be the furthest thing from his mind.

Will anyone be ready for the inevitable rise of the Dawn Fangs?

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

“Let me give you a hand,” Mab says while taking him by the wrist. She immediately jumps back and lets her friend fall to the ground, her eyes wide with fear. “You have a pulse! What is going on here, Clyde? You can’t be human again after what I saw you do, but vampires don’t have heartbeats.”

“This is new to me too, so let’s keep it between us,” Clyde requests as he puts his fingers against his neck. He is about to gesture a spell to cover the unexpected change, but he finds that the trick appears with the merest thought. “Okay, I have it masked and we’ll get it checked out once we can visit Gregorio. I did say that things felt really weird down there, right? Well, I’m saying it now if that counts. Anyway, we don’t want to keep Xavier waiting. He might not be expecting me, but he’ll want to know where you are. I’d rather meet him on friendly terms than running into his men. What’s say we grab a bite and head out?”

Cocking her head to the side, Mab casually reaches out with growing claws and calmly tears open up her friend’s chest in one movement. “Yeah, it’s beating. Looks tasty, which is kind of gross to think about. I mean, I’ve seen vampire hearts before and they’re usually dull red with black veins. This reminds me of the time mine was nearly torn out by that troll and you had to hold it in while fighting since I was dismembered too.”

“Do you mind, Mab?” Clyde asks, smacking her hands away.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

War of Nytefall: Loyalty is an exciting adventure full of action, magic, and colourful characters.  It is designed for pure escapism to help people leave reality and relax.  It’s also a story where all of the characters are vampires, who act both monstrous and oddly human.



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Book Spotlight – Dwarves of the World Bundle

#Fantasy #Dwarves 

Title: Dwarves of the World

Edited by: Ellen Michelle

Authors: Pat Flewwelling, Lisa Toohey, Dale Long, Brenda Carre, Clay Greene, Brandon Draga, Nicholas Jennings, Vincent Justin Mitra, and Sherry Peters

Genre: Fantasy

Main character description (short). Every main character is a dwarf. Each story has a different dwarf MC that goes through different adventures.

Synopsis: A collection of stories that celebrates dwarves and dwarf culture. Go on an adventure! Stay at home to eat and drink! Forge an axe! Explore what dwarves do or are meant to do, celebrate that and enjoy the culture.

Brief Excerpt 250 words: This excerpt is from the beginning of Sherry Peters’ story: Mabel the Masterful Dwarf

I rubbed my chin. Where just yesterday I felt only smooth skin, patches of short hairs now grew. I pinched the shaft of one between the nails of my first finger and thumb to measure its length. It had to be a record for overnight growth. If my beard continued to grow this fast it would be thick and full before long.

I grabbed my favorite blue tunic and forced it down over my belly. Going up a size of clothing was always a good sign, but this, combined with the beginnings of a beard, was huge. I should have expected it. After all, I was of age. Still, this was a day my best friend Emma and I had talked about all our lives.

I poked my head out my door and smelled pancakes, sausages, and maple syrup. “Max.” I called down the stairs to the youngest of my brothers.

Max, a year older than me, came to the bottom of the stairs, an overflowing plate in hand. Pork fat dripped into his coal black beard as he munched on a sausage. “What?”

“Can I borrow a tunic? Mine’s too tight.”

“Sure.” He handed me his plate while he went into his room.

I helped myself to a thick pork sausage. I licked my lips, savoring the fat and the hint of maple syrup.


Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

The Dwarves of the World bundle provides 9 fantastic short stories from 9 talented authors that explore the myths and corresponding mythology about dwarves and dwarf culture. Each story deals with a different aspect of dwarf culture with personalities and situations as unique as the humans you meet every day.


Cover art credit should go to Ben Falco.

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Book Spotlight – The Greatest Anthology Ever Written

Title: The Greatest Anthology Ever Written.

Author: Shane Porteous and over 100 others

Genre: You name it, it’s there

Main character description (short). Over 100 of them, men, women and everything in between

Synopsis: Authors from Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, Hungary, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, the trashcan down the street and possibly even the lost city of Atlantis have assembled to unite their individual talents into creating the Guinness World Record for the longest and of course Greatest Anthology Ever Written.

Brief Excerpt 250 words: There’s nothing brief about this anthology! It is as big as it brilliant!


Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

Because it is brilliant (dur!)


cea-greatest-anthology-written-backdrop (1)


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Greatest Anthology Ever Written