NN Light January Giveaway Promotion – Cross Post

Having a hard time choosing what to read in 2019? While there’s so many wonderful authors and books available, it’s imperative to have a dependable and responsible place that can help you choose what to read. It’s even better when you get a chance to win free books! Every month, you can win free books from multiple authors hosted by N. N. Light’s Book Heaven. Numerous authors are offering their books in this collaborative group entitled Literary Giveaway Portal. The best part is they’re all screened and approved by N. N. Light, a top reviewer.

January Giveaway 1.jpg

Resolve to Read More Books Giveaway: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/92db775023

Literary Giveaway Portal:  https://www.nnlightsbookheaven.com/literary-giveaway-portal

January 2019 Prizes

autographed print copy of Eye of the Pharaoh plus swag generously donated by Nancy Fraser (US/Canada only)

audiobook copy of Rescue Love by Melissa Keir (US/Canada only)

autographed print copy of Dante’s Gift by Aubrey Wynne (US only)

autographed print copy of Healer (Truth Seer Trilogy Book 2) by Kay L. Moody (US only)

e-copy of Dickensen Academy by Christine Grabowski

e-copy of The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles Book 1 by A. L. Butcher (Smashwords voucher)

e-copy or print of one of C. C. Bolick’s books (winner’s choice)

5 e-copy of Fire on the Mountain by Clabe Polk

e-copy of Debriefing the Dead (Book 1 of The Dead Series) by Kerry Blaisdell

e-copy of The Cauldron Stirred (Guardians of Erin Book 1) by Judith Sterling

e-copy of Arresting Mason by Amber Daulton

e-copy of The Queen of Paradise Valley by Cat Dubie

e-copy of The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle by Sharon Buchbinder

e-copy of Once Broken by D. M. Hamblin

e-copy of A Debt to the Devil by D. M. Hamblin

e-copy of Tied Up With Strings by Madeline McEwan

e-copy of The Colony and The Last City by RM Gilmour

e-copy of Self’s Blossom by David Russell

e-copy of N. N. Light’s Book of Daily Inspiration by N. N. Light