Book Spotlight – Marie’s World – Contemporary Romance


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Title: Marie’s World

Author: Kristal McKerrington

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Exposed secrets with nowhere to turn.

Marie must face the world in the aftermath of what her sister has done.

The lies, the betrayals, dance, and everything from her past are about to collide.

Will Marie find a way to survive?


Snippet 1 of Marie’s World 2.

Coming into the kitchen, her stomach tightened and she stopped dead when she saw his small five-foot, nine-inch shadowed body silhouetted in the moonlight. Her hand rested on the doorframe and she inspected him with a nervous look.

She stood staring at him topless with a pair of short boxer shorts on. His long hair rested around his shoulders and a wide toothy grin filled his smile, while his eyes bored into hers. There were very few men that could make her feel both embarrassed and ashamed at the same time. Yet here Perthlin was doing both, while making a heat burn in her cheeks. He caught her gaze admiring the abs chiselled into his stomach.

“I knew this was coming,” she said and tried to slip past him.

His thick muscled arms reached out stopping her. She hadn’t ever felt so exposed in her thigh length, blood red silk nightdress, a present Harold had picked out for her. The man liked to control everything right down to the clothes she wore.

Marie had pulled her hair up onto the top of her head. Her bare feet pattered against the floor. The bracelet with her marriage name on it glowed in the dim light. Her wedding rings sparkled, reminding her that she was now owned by a man that only wanted the best of the best.

The sweet smell of coconut filled the air. She knew that he took to heart her conversation with him. She felt herself swoon over the fact he wanted to improve himself for her. Perthlin seemed to be adapting to make her want what she knew she couldn’t open herself up to take.

“Marie, we do need to talk.” A harshness echoed in his tone.

He always went straight to the point. That was part of the reason she had so much of a problem with him. Perthlin offered her nearly everything that she had ever


Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

This is a gripping sister turning on sister story, a web of lies, betrayals, heartbreak, love and that is just for starters. Be ready to go on the ride of your life.

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