Course Review – Mindfulness and Meditation

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As some of you may know I suffer from anxiety and have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It sucks. But it could be worse.

Anyway one of the suggestions from my GP was to find a Mindfulness course, this helps to deal with anxiety and the suffering caused by chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

My partner and I have both used and thus that is where I went. Mindfulness and Meditation teaches a new way to look at life and the world. It focuses on the moment, the now.  The tutor, Libby Seery, is experienced in her field and presents the course well.

From the course homepage

What are the requirements?

  • Everything you need for a life changing experience is contained within the course
  • The only thing you will need to get the most from this course is somewhere quiet to practise the meditation
  • If you prefer, you may use a chair or yoga mat, but these are optional and certainly not essential
  • Suitable for every level

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Live in the here and now
  • Experience the joys of life and how it feels to live in the present moment
  • Master the art of meditation with guided audio and silent meditation
  • Learn to overcome physical and emotional pain with the use of mindfulness techniques
  • Discover how you can apply mindfulness to make profound positive changes to your life starting immediately
  • Learn to appreciate everyday events in a mindful way, bringing you a happier, healthier life
  • Develop a greater sense of self-awareness

What is the target audience?

  • This course is perfect for those people wishing to explore mindfulness for the right time as well as those people looking to further their experience of mindfulness
  • It is a great introduction to meditation, both silent and guided
  • It is a great tool for anyone wanting to manage emotional and physical pain
  • Take this course if you want to discover a more meaningful and joyful life
I have found the techniques useful. I try the breathing and meditation exercises when I need them. At first, it’s difficult to adapt one’s mindset – anxiety means one focuses on the future and the now and catastrophises. Mindfulness tries to teach you that today, now might be crap/painful but it’s not always like this. Focus on yourself – what your body is doing and how it feels and accept it. Focus on the good things – the birds in the trees, the sun on your face or whathaveyou.
It teaches to try and focus on the positive (which is really hard some days) and do what you can do. A small victory is still a victory even if that victory is getting through the day or a particular task.
The course composes of meditation exercises, videos and lectures and diaries. There is no timeline – it can be done in your own time.
Has it made a difference to me? Yes, I think so. I try the ‘now’ exercises, the breathing and some meditation. My anxiety is a lot better – but it tends to flare up then retreat anyway. I do think Mindfulness is a positive and healthy way of seeing the world. It’s very easy to get drawn into the ‘what if’ scenarios, and the negative, destructive thinking.  It is hard to change the way one thinks and I do find myself reverting sometimes. I believe you get out what you put in. If you give Mindfulness a chance, work at the meditations, the changing outlooks then you’ll get a lot more benefit that expecting it not to work.
This course is not free but Udemy often has sales – I think I paid $10 or similar and it’s worth it.  When I am stressed or really zonked I can’t write anything useful and so it’s helping this aspect.