Review – Magic for a Rainy Day #fantasy #fairytales

5 stars #fantasy #fairytales

This delightful collection of short stories twists and turns with Celtic magic from Scotland, to Ireland, to Fairyland. Fairytales retold, and with a heart and passion that is apparent in every word. None of the stories is particularly long or heavy; there is a lightness of phrase from the author which is refreshing and fits the ambience of the collection.

I found myself laughing, smiling and recalling tales from old – particularly with the Irish tale of Banoffee Pie and Black Pudding. This is a fine tale of fairy gifts and being careful what one wishes for.

The last tale –They Stole My Love Last Night was poignantly told, sad and moving with a bittersweet ending. It was a good finale to the collection.

I’d like to learn more about these characters, especially the half-wyndling Skye, and read more of her adventures. Definitely recommend this to readers of fantasy, fairy tales and mythical stories.


Set in Scotland, Ireland, and the Pacific Northwest, these five stories share three things: a little rain, a little fantasy, and a lot of heart.

In “Sidewynd,” Sky Patel balances life between Edinburgh and its mirror in the faerie realm. Until the balance breaks.

In “The Flat Above the Wynd,” Sky’s inherited responsibilities double when past mistakes come back to haunt her.

In “Banoffee Pie and Black Pudding,” Alyssa Granville’s troubles begin with a strange gift from a stranger Irish man.

In “(Not a) Fairy Tale,” a bullied teenage girl learns a startling truth. But fairies don’t go to high school…do they?

In “They Stole My Love Last Night,” Celtic music, fairies, and ghosts collide, turning a bitter story sweet.

The Tegan Cave Book Tour – Character Interview Sara Jones

Tell Us About Yourself

Name: Sara Jones

Let’s see…I’m an only child. I was raised in San Diego, California. My parents died in a car crash while I was attending college. After graduation, I went to work for Crussetts’ Investment Company. That’s where I met the charming, handsome Conner Crussett when he came into town to check on his family’s business. We dated for almost a year before he convinced me to transfer to the Houston office and move in with him. For three years I felt happy living with him. Then, I discovered the truth about his family’s real business, organized crime. That was when I left him, yet I still long to be in his arms.

Describe your appearance in 10 words or less. Attractive, 24, 5’8”, slender, long brown hair, brown eyes.

Would you kill for those you love? Yes. If someone I care about can’t defend themselves, I won’t hesitate to step into the fight.

Can you remember something from your childhood which influences your behaviour? How do you think it influences you? My parents were arachnologists and had a state-of-the-art lab attached to our home. I had fun watching all the beautiful different species. My parents set up a spider colony in my bedroom so I could also enjoy them. Spiders were respected and cared for in our home. That’s probably why I cherish them and want to keep them safe.

Please give us an interesting and unusual fact about yourself. When I was in elementary school, I was always getting into trouble because of the spiders I sometimes carried in my backpack.

Tell Us About Your World

It’s contemporary times in the United States with added dangerous human-like species and poisonous mutant spiders.

Do you travel in the course of your adventures? If so where? I stealthily caught a bus in Houston and travelled undetected to Montana in order to escape from an organized crime family.

Name and describe a food from your world. Venotrolia: human blood tainted with poisonous venom from mutant hobo spiders.

Does your world have any supernatural/mystical beings? Please tell us about some. Tegens. They are transformed 25-year-old humans that never age, live forever, see in the dark, and have supernatural abilities. They are deadly with poisonous venom stored in their bodies. They can only be destroyed by fire.

Within your civilisation what do you think is the most important discovery/invention? A formula invented by Sir Randolph Heinrich that was used in the nineteenth century to turn some humans into Tegens.

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Inge-Lise Goss


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