March Pot O’ Gold Book Giveaway! #Freebooks #Prizes

March 2018 Literary Giveaway Prizes:

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Grab your lucky pair of socks, your rabbit’s foot and/or your go-to lucky charm because N. N. Light’s Book Heaven has an incredible giveaway this month. I don’t know if they kidnapped a leprechaun or what, but they’ve got a potful of goodies to give away. You can win an Amazon gift card, a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day mug, books galore and more. You don’t need to kiss the blarney stone, just have a valid email address. Click on this link to enter today before the leprechaun escapes and claims his treasure:

With so many wonderful authors and books available, it’s imperative to have a reliable and trustworthy place that can help you choose what to read. It’s even better when you get a chance to win free books through a giveaway! Every month, enter to win free books from multiple authors via N. N. Light’s Book Heaven. Several authors are offering their books throughout the upcoming year in this innovative and collaborative approach to building a new and immersive online reading community. Authors, bloggers and book reviewers are partnering to share fantastic reads, quality reviews and powerful connections all in one place.

March Giveaway:

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March Giveaway blog (1)

$10 AmazonUS Gift Card from N. N. Light

An Irish Blessing Coffee Mug from Ruth A. Casie (US and Canada only)

e-copy of Prelude to Sorrow (Book 3 of the IX series) by Andrew Weston

print copy of Once Broken by D. M. Hamblin

e-copy of Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles (18+) Book One by A. L. Butcher (Smashwords voucher)

e-copy of Healing Grace by Lisa Lickel (Smashwords voucher)

2 print copies of Circumstances of Childhood by John Howell

autographed print copy of The Colony by RM Gilmour

autographed print copy of The Last City by RM Gilmour

e-copy of Dan Alexander, Pitcher by Jean Joachim

print copy of Dan Alexander, Pitcher by Jean Joachim (US only)

5 e-copy of Tales of Feyron 3 Book Set by Diana L. Wicker

2 e-copy of The Fairy Wren by Ashley Capes

print copy of The Fairy Wren by Ashley Capes

2 e-copy of Curva Peligrosa by Lily Iona Mackenzie

e-copy of Don’t Let Him Go by Kay Harris

autographed print copy of Quest of a Warrior by Mary Morgan (US and Canada only)

e-copy or print copy of Supernatural Pet Sitter: The Rescue (winner’s choice)

e-copy of The House That Built Me by Melissa Keir

e-copy of Dancing Around the Truth by Alanna Lucas (US only)

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