Welcome to a Week in Hell…

A Week in Hell? What does that mean I hear you ask? Another crappy week at the office? Well yes actually but that isn’t what the post is about.  I am honoured and delighted to be involved with the promotion of this landmark and award winning shared world series created by Fantasy author Janet Morris.

The latest, and seventeenth instalment has just been released – Poets in Hell.  Hell is, well Hellish, and things are getting worse. The auditors are in, which is never good, a coup has failed (again) and the likes of Marlowe, Beowulf, Odysseus and Mary Shelley are causing mayhem.

There are lots of authors involved, including Janet and Chris Morris, Joe Bonadonna, Yelle Hughes, Jack William Finley, Doug McKittrick and a whole hellish host.  Varied styles flow through the Heroes in Hell series but every story has a delicious helping of dark humour and witty plotting, within a flawlessly crafted world. The denizens of Hell try to buck the system, and you can guess how that goes. So far we’ve been entertained by Rogues, Lawyers, Kings, Dreamer and very many more denizens of the Realm of Darkness.

In celebration of this infernal new release, His Satanic Majesty has given permission for a little party with payment later…Damn, maybe I should have read the small print. Anyway what will follow over the next few days is selection of author and character spotlights from the bowels of HSM’s domain. Including one from the Lord of Sin himself. Enjoy!

Please note all the excerpts are copyrighted thus: Poets in Hell, copyright (c) 2014, Janet Morris. It is with the kind permission of Ms Morris I am able to run these interviews and excerpts.

Keep reading for the most infernal collection of interviews ever posted….

For more info on the series please visit the links below.