Indie Blog Party Reading, Reviews and Recommendations posts 5 and 6.

Indie block party smallDon’t tell anyone but I am going to cheat and post 2 activities for the Indie Block Party as one post. Activities 5 and 6 are to talk about current reading and to recommend our top 5 books, seemed sensible to me to post them together.

I like to read, I always have and my tastes are fairly wide. Reading is a great pleasure and a great privilege for it is only reasonably recently that woman and common folks have had the opportunity to be literate, and it is still the case in many places people cannot read because they are simply too poor or have not the education to do so.  A couple of hundred years ago it is unlikely someone like me, who would not have been from a high-born family would have been educated.

Reading is something taken for granted in the Western world but not everyone likes or is able to read even in the relatively prosperous West. I cannot imagine that part of my life being missing.

So WHAT is it I am reading now and what have I just finished?

I have just finished I, the Sun  (author Janet Morris) – a historical biography recounting the life of King Suppiluliumas, King of the Hittites, which was absolutely amazing! Here is the link to the review

I cannot praise this book highly enough, although it is not for the faint-hearted. I spent quite a bit of time looking at websites about this king, his family and the Hittites and am hoping to find the time to get back into studying history. History teaches us about the past, it teaches us about the future and it teaches us about ourselves.  One thought which occurred to me when I was reading was 3000 plus years on and that region of the world is still at war, still unsettled, and although the battles now are fought with different weapons and slightly different reasons unrest still rumbles around like thunder in the hills.

Being the sort of reader who has a couple of books on the go I am also reading ‘I never knew that about the English’ which is a lighthearted book full of interesting facts about English counties, famous folk and buildings. It is easy bed time reading and quite informative with a paragraph or so about each entry.

The product description on Amazon is this: ‘A wonderful miscellany of great stories and interesting facts about the English’.

Kindle-wise I am about to start which is the Indie Club group read for August. I will post a review when done.

What am I planning next? One of my reading challenges for this year is to reread the complete Cadfael series of which I have read 10 to date, next in  line is ‘The Pilgrim of Hate‘ but as I have one of the three book-chronicles I may read all 3 .

For anyone interested in these who is not familiar Cadfael is a 12th Century Benedictine monk residing in Shrewsbury and solver of mysteries. The stories are relatively formulaic but the period of history, the civil war between Empress Maud (Matilida) and King Stephen for the throne of England is an interesting backdrop and an integral part of the books. Certainly worth checking out for lovers of historical mystery.

I also have a LONG list of fantasy, a fantasy to beta read and another, equally large pile of historical fiction.

The second part of this post are my top 5 recommendations…only 5! How do I choose!

1) Lord of the Rings

2) The Count of Monte Christo

3) The Phantom of the Opera

4) 1, the Sun

5) Schindler’s List.

Indie wise – Dragon Fate and Dragon Blade by JD Hallowell

The Dreamweaver’s Journey – By Diana L Wicker (YA Fantasy)

Viridis by Calista Taylor (Steam Punk Erotic Romance)

Indie-wise is much harder but I think thus far the War of the Blades series (Dragon Fate and Dragon Blade

My reader interview can be found here:

For anyone following the Indie Block Party Event posts to follow will cover social media and writing tips.