Zweihander Interview – Will and Kit


 Character Names: William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe

Relationship: Roommates; Playwrights; Co-authors

World: New Hell

Books:  Rogues in Hell; Dreamers in Hell; Poets in Hell; Pirates in Hell (Heroes in Hell series)

How and where did you meet?

Will Shakespeare: When alive, we met as rival playwrights, Kit holding forth in the ‘Admiral’s Men company’ wheresoever the troupe played, or at the Rose; and I at the Globe, where I owned an interest in the house.

 Kit Marlowe: Eyewash, all that. Shakespeare’s a famous liar. My Tamburlaine the Great, Parts I and II, were performed in my lifetime; the rest, posthumously, but for Dido, Queen of Carthage, writ by me and Thomas Nashe, and ‘performed’ by the ‘Children of the Chapel,’ as fair a clutch of boy charmers as ever gamboled on any stage. I met my death not too long after I met Will, a matter of my spying here and lying there, most times with Walsingham, whose wife took umbrage, as women will, when boys and men make love. Still, those plays set a new standard in quality and introduced blank verse. Mine were not, like Will’s, tripe writ for money-grubbery by the uneducated and for the uneducated. I helped Will write his Henry VI, Parts One, Two and Three and got no credit for it. Still, my own four plays performed on Earth after I arrived in Hell did what art should do: shined lights on evils hidden and calumny of the vilest kind.

 Will: Kit, let’s not linger on this question, unfortunate as it may be. We were sometime lovers, sometime haters of one another, but always haters of repression and Elizabethan frippery. If your spying got you killed, Kit, your love of controversy sparked it — yea, incited it.

 Kit: Incited? Poor choice of words, methinks. Edward the Second was first performed five weeks after my death; so that play, at least, retained its bite.

 What is it you like most about the other person?

Kit: Like about Will? His soft white skin, his ample buttocks — his mobile mouth, empowered tongue, and nubile breasts.

 Will: Kit means he adores my ear for language, my deeply probing artist’s soul, and my knack of staying out of trouble whilst I slip and slide among the rich and reprehensible at Court. Do recall I’m not the one who ended life with a bodkin thrust deep in that eye so like a doe’s.

What is it you hate most about each other?

Will: We said that. But, since you ask for more: his blasphemy and his need to fill his pages with the ‘vile heretical conceits’ that sent him to trial before the Privy Council.

 Kit: We told you that, and, like the Privy Council, you’ll acquit me on the grounds that truth itself can’t be denied — for long.

Will: Christopher Marlowe, like your English Agent in the Massacre at Paris, I hate your overweening pride and lurid need to confess your days of secret agency under so thin a guise as that play. What were you thinking, to warn Elizabeth of agitators, a theme far too dangerous to survive? And how many refugees from the low countries died of your ideas planted in their tiny little heads?

Do you think your partnership will last?

Kit: Henry Sixth answers that, for my part. It’s what Shakey would have writ had he an education or a life made dangerous enough to enjoy. And the rest, you see before you: two souls forever doomed to one another’s company in the bowels of perdition, to count eternity’s every day, and nights more deadly still.

Will: Kit’s a good boy, a young fellow led astray by childish derring-do, and with a taste for the hurly-burly that snuffed his life before its time. But now I have infernity to reform him, and Satan provides the irritant around which we’ll secrete a necklace of pearls while we write as we’ve never writ before.

 Describe the other person (max 100 words):

Kit: Will, go ye first, and light our path with your dulcet tones, so like a cello but a string or two short.

Will: Master Marlowe, my thanks for your recital, though it best be delivered later and revisited daily, as the Privy Council sentenced you to come before them every day: every day of the ten you had yet to live . . . Withal, I’ll try to answer the question: this Marlowe creature hungers for adoration and thirsts for justice, both of which were as precious scarce in life as they remain dubious in afterlife. Nevertheless, his talent is wider than the face of Paradise and tempered by a lifetime few would have dared to live — and I love him for his childish heart and indomitable soul.

Kit: My turn, then, to laud the Bard in terms free of spite and full with admiration: such a mind for the human animal has ne’er been seen on the black earth — not before he lived his quick span, or at any time thereafter. Although glorifying humanity may be an empty effort, he’s made them look into themselves, and find there what joy can be had, and give it value.

 Describe how you think the other person sees you

Will: I think not, for safety’s bereftest sake.

Kit: As my better half insinuates, ‘twould take a three-part comedy of errors to do that story justice. So I’ll not begin it, lest it never stop till eternity runs out.

Tell us a little about your adventures.

Will: Then or now? Becoming famous in life holds no candle to sustaining afterlife. We’ve written three plays now for Satan, and suffered the attendant woes of those who know true ignominy. We wrote Hell Bent, and died in it every night. We wrote The Witch and the Tyrant, and fell afoul of its graveyard stench. We wrote another, Pirates in Perdition, and found the very sounding of its name an incantation to summon fiends and demons and all manner of unexculpated souls.

Kit: Read our plays writ here, to Abbadon’s order, or don’t. But be warned: you’ll risk your wizened hearts every time you turn our pages and let your eyes rub words too dangerous to speak aloud.

Tell us about your world – and your part of it.

Will: Hell is the Reformation come to grief, with no Third Act to cure it.

Kit: Hell is where the heart is, and seldom beats. But when it does, that heart beats as only love can. We are Satan’s personal poets, and no worse can befall a soul who yet owns an ear for courage or for rhyme.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Kit: Right here. Scoffing at evil while we glorify every flaw that makes man human. What else, in hell, is a playwright to do?

Will: Enough, Kit. The last line of this comedy is mine: We’ll be here as long as ghosts roam the world and fools rule it; as long as regrets power penance and singers keen their pain.


You can find Will and Kit in the following:

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Zweihander Interview – Kerrien and Rithvik #Fantasy #Mythic

Today we welcome two characters at once – Kerrien and Rithvik

Relationship: it’s complicated

World: Silvery Earth

Books: Beautiful, included in the bundle Mythic Tales or the collection Fairy Tales Revisited

  • How and where did you meet?

Rithvik: In my castle! He found me and awoke me with the sweetest…

Kerrien: Shut up, Rithvik! I’m an adventurer and bounty hunter, and I had followed some bandits to an abandoned castle in the forest. I found him at the top of one of the towers, spellbound, asleep…

Rithvik: And he kissed me awake! *beams*

Kerrien *glares*

  • What is it you like most about the other person

Kerrien: He’s darn handsome, I’ll give him that. And he has kissable lips, darn him!

Rithvik: He is strong and handsome and awesome and he kissed me awake, so we’ll be together forever!

Kerrien: We’re not. You consorted with demons, I will get rid of you.

Rithvik: No you’re not!

  • What is it you hate most about them?

Kerrien: I hate how he sticks to me and tells everyone I kissed him awake.

Rithvik: I hate how he’s trying to get rid of me! We’re meant to be together!

  • Do you work well as a partnership?

Kerrien: Well, he can hold a sword. I guess we’re a good team.

Rithvik: I have a lot to learn, but I’m sure we’ll be the best and everybody will want to hire us!

  • Do you think your partnership will last?

Kerrien: I don’t know. I like to work alone. And I don’t like his past.

Rithvik: Of course our partnership will last! We’re meant to be together anyway!

Kerrien: We’re not!

Rithvik: See why it’s complicated?

  • Describe the other person (max 100 words)

Kerrien: Rithvik is a spoiled prince with a puppy disposition, but he has a nice ass and beautiful emerald-green eyes. And he’s handsome, nobody can deny it.

Rithvik: Kerrien is a grumpy mercenary with lots of hidden scars. He’s like a stray cat, if you get to his heart, he’s the sweetest. And don’t you love his raven hair and hazel eyes?

  • Describe how you think the other person sees you

Kerrien: Great and mighty warrior. *snorts* I’m his caretaker, mentor, assistant and another dozen job descriptions!

Rithvik: Erm… he thinks I’m useless and spoiled and that I spellbound him. I didn’t, unfortunately, or it wouldn’t be so complicated.

  • Tell us a little about your adventures

Kerrien: We wander, looking for treasures, hunting outlaws, looking for Rithvik’s past…

Rithvik: And yours! I want to know everything about where you come from!

  • Tell us about your world – and your part of it

Kerrien: We both live in the north, where the Moren Empire used to be.

Rithvik: The Moren Empire was still there when the spell sent me to sleep!

Kerrien: That was centuries ago. Now we have small kingdoms, city-states and the lands of the barbarian tribes, where I come from.

Rithvik: I think someone mentioned this world is called Silvery Earth and this… continent? Yes, this continent is called Varia.

Kerrien: Where did you hear that, from your demon lover?

Rithvik *rolls eyes*

  • Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Kerrien: Still wandering and exploring the world.

Rithvik: Settled somewhere with Kerrien and living happily ever after!

Zweihander Interview – Prince Skylon and Prince Dorien

Welcome to the first of one of the new formats for interviews – a zweihander. This features TWO characters who either take turns answering questions or give an answer each, responding to the other’s comments.

Today we welcome Prince Skylon – lord of the Snowy Sky and Prince Dorien – lord of the Dawn, from the Kingdom of the Sky – who feature here: Tales of the Golden Mask on Amazon

Relationship: brothers.

World: Kingdom of the Sky

Book(s): Tales from the Golden Mask: An Initiate’s Tale

1)      How and where did you meet?

Skylon: Does birth count as meeting?  We are brothers, raised in the Zenana together.  We have always known one another.

Dorien: As my brother says, although of course I was first born, and my mother is the Principal Wife of the King. Skylon’s mother is one of the lesser consorts. We were born on the same day – I at dawn when as the sun rose over the mountains, and Skylon later on – during a snowstorm.

2)      What is it you like most about the other person

Skylon: His daring.  He has no fear, no hesitation.  He just… does what needs doing without pause.

Dorien: I don’t like to admit it but my brother is far cleverer than I. He’s the scholar, destined to serve the Temple and a be far better diplomat than I’ll ever be.

3)      What is it you hate most about them?

Skylon: hmm… hate is such a strong word.  I do become… annoyed with his… pleasure seeking.  Every pretty face and curvy body is an opportunity to him.  I feel no such urges to sow my seed.  Once I am anointed to the Goddess I will have no need of a harem, so I see no reason to collect ladies for my boudoir.

Dorien: He must think everything through for so long! Even when we were children he was cautious. I like to have fun, amuse myself and such activities are far better with a companion-in-mischief.  Skylon is timid, especially with women. I love all women, the more the better! Skylon should be spreading his seed!

4)      Do you work well as a partnership?

Skylon: Yes, we consult together on most things.  I do my best to keep him from too much mischief, and he pushes me to experience life away from the libraries and scholars.

Dorien: I think so. Although we disagree on things overall our skills complement one another.

5)      Do you think your partnership will last?

Skylon: That, I believe, is a question for the Goddess.  Only she can determine my future as her anointed.  But, most likely, I shall spend the rest of my days in her temple serving her while he rules from the palace across the gardens.

Dorien: We know it cannot.  When father dies, or abdicates, I shall rule. Skylon is already destined to serve the Goddess. Of course, we’ll always be brothers but our paths will diverge.

6)      Describe the other person (max 100 words)

Dorien: Skylon is pale of skin and hair, trustworthy and kind. He’s clever and thoughtful.

Skylon: Dorien is smaller than me, but bolder.  He has the sunny complexion of warmer climes and boundless energy.  He always wants to be doing something, usually something fun.

7)      Describe how you think the other person sees you.

Dorien: Arrogant, reckless and pleasure-obsessed. None of these are bad, in my view. I am sure my brother would disagree.

Skylon: probably as mousy, hesitant.  I stop to think through all things before acting.  I like to study a situation before entering into action.

8)      Tell us a little about your adventures.

Dorien: Life within the palace was rather dull. I mean we are men now, not children. Beyond the gates is a whole world to be seen, to be pleasured and to be experienced. I suppose one could describe it as an adventure of discovery – a visit to the carnival, and then to the ‘playhouse’. I never knew sure delights could await a man as to be found in the rooms of Tatia and of Felicity, in the Golden Mask. You should visit that house of fun – women can be served too.

Skylon: I’d have to say – unplanned, and unexpected.  A “short jaunt about the provinces,” he said.  “Sample the local colour,” he said.  I thought we were going to view one of the little local customs that still prevail outside of the city.  I had no idea that we would end up… *cough* participating… *ahem* in… colourful customs.

9)      Tell us about your world – and your part of it.

Dorien: As we’ve said, we are the highest of the high-born. One day our duty will mean we must serve, but until then WE are served. Our world is one of luxury and pleasure. We have fine things, beautiful women, tasty food and elegant garments.

Beyond that our people live their lives. I know little of the lives of the common folk – they are born, they work, they make new peasants, they die. Sometimes the most comely are sent to the Zenana as potential consorts. If they are chosen then they become wealthy and elegant, if they bear fruit then their families are rewarded. Even those not chosen are rewarded by some means. It can make a great difference to those of poor status.

Skylon: I think my brother has offered a good introduction to the world as we experience it.  As to my place in it, I am destined to serve the Goddess at her temple.  Once I have completed the bonding ritual, I will never leave the grounds of the great temple except to renew the Goddess’s strength at provincial temples or as a diplomat in the other provinces.  Any women I have in my harem will become servants of the temple, and any heirs I have fathered will be raised in my brother’s harem to one day act as consorts or ambassadors for the court.  Until then, I enjoy my studies and time with my lovely consort.

10)   Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Dorien: If our father is like his own father, he will still be hearty in health, so I guess I’ll be doing my duty making heirs to my line, and amusing the ladies of the court.  There has been talk of travel to the outer regions of the Kingdom, but that is for when I tire of the home-grown girls.

Skylon: Five years time… hopefully still enjoying my time in the Zenana.  I am in no rush to reach my bonding.  An heir or two would be welcome, but I feel no need to fill the Zenana with “comely lasses” as my brother puts it.  The temple has well enough ladies in service already.

Dorien: (winks) if you wish to know more about our adventures then you might like to seek us out. In more opinion the more the merrier!

Skylon: (Eyes roll).


Book Synopsis

Sultry and sensual adventures to warm your cold winter nights or steam up your long summer days. Set in a fantasy world where nothing is quite what it appears, an old book and a strange golden mask bring power and pleasure.

The first instalment in the Tales of the Golden Mask

Adult rated – sexy mischief.

Alexa Lynsey walks the paths of fantasy regularly; she enjoys writing sultry fiction and ‘sex and sorcery’ stories and reading a wide variety of fiction and fact. A passionate historian and nature lover she sees beauty and knowledge everywhere. When not writing saucy tales her other self is a poet, fantasy writer and blogger.

Belle De Ver is a lover of the beautiful things in life and enjoys sharing poetry and stories about beautiful things. Her writings combine fantasy settings with erotic situations for sexy, fantastical good times. Writing with her favourite partner, Alexa Lynsey, they invite you to share their journey into the sensual realms.

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