Legacy of the Mask Tales

Legacy of the Mask Tales

(A selection of short tales based on characters and events from the Phantom of the Opera – original story by Gaston Leroux – these stories are adapted and developed by A.L.Butcher . ‘They are a ‘might have been’ – a legacy of the story be it myth or fact.)

Echoes of a Song

A dozen tumultuous years after the dramatic events at the Paris Opera House Raoul, Comte de Chagny is still haunted by the mysterious Opera Ghost – the creature of legend who held staff at the Opera House under his thrall, kidnapped Raoul’s lover and murdered his brother. In Raoul’s troubled imagination the ghosts of the past are everywhere, and a strange and powerful music still calls in his dreams.

Madness, obsession and the legacy of the past weave their spell in this short, tragic tale based on the Phantom of the Opera.



mask in hand.halloween concept

 Tears and Crimson Velvet

Madam Giry finds herself embroiled in the tragedy unfolding at the Opera house; mystery and murder stalk the corridors and, it is said, a ghost haunts the place. Giry knows the truth, for she recalls the caged man she met so many years ago. This is her story, their story.

When murder and mystery begin at the Opera House one woman knows who is behind it, and what really lies beneath the mask. Secrets, lies and tragedy sing a powerful song in this ‘might have been’ tale
A short, tragic tale based on characters from Phantom of the Opera.

A Legacy of the Mask Tale.



Tears of Crimson Velvet Cover Draft 1