Dirty Dozen – Character Interview – Estella returns


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Welcome back ESTELLA

  • Tell us a little about yourself.

I am the person you least suspect, they deem me holy yet I am not.  I inspire love and hatred in equal measure.  My manor is empty of guests, it is a court for demonic fiends you will never see.  I hold audiences with demons more than the living.  I delight in walking among the Templars, the Clergy, and the Royal Courts hearing their barren truths; for those who speak do not know, whilst those who know do not speak.  How they would love to burn me at the stake.  A dark trail follows me and it will follow you, if you betray my name or the words I now share with you.   I am a seer, not the mediocre kind, I see beyond the heavens into the macabre game between Samael and the Throne.  I have been hither to an unsuspected spectator, until the blind one finds out I have been watching all along.  I am hunted, to be a precious cog in his dark machinations.

I am the lady of Red Fern Manor.  Estella Delcour

  • Do you have a moral code? If so what might it be

I abhor mental slavery.  Slavery of the spirit.  The shackles of blind dogma are the roots of the downfall of our civilisation.  The houses of human religion are upheld by the strings of a master puppeteer, who leads you all astray, laughing, as you fight one another.  I yearn for freedom, a tearing down of the veil before everyone’s eyes, that they may see the truth, the unholy truth of how we are but crops reaped by infernal beings.  If my existence is but to shed some shard of light on this then I will happily follow whatever path is set before me, to give humanity that chance.

To simplify my code:  honour nature, honour the Goddess, honour yourself.

  • Would you kill for those you love?

Yes.  There are very few people I am capable of loving.  I am capable of pulling down Heaven from its ramparts in order to protect them.

  • What is your world like? How does it differ to mine?

I belong to many worlds, not this physical world in which you and I reside, bricks and mortar, but I belong also to a spiritual world unseen.  The Twilit world that is ruled by the Elder gods.  Those that have withdrawn from the rulership of Earth, there we serve them, the gods we love, and they love us in return.  They have boundless realms where we get to live our full potential, where our arts and gifts are valued, and your soul is your own, not the property of some wrathful god, or some blind deity.  I see your world for what it is, because through my discourses with these beings they cast real light on a network, aa system made and wrought of iron and stone that projects itself as the one true light.

  • Who is your greatest friend?

I have been friendless most of my life, trusting no one to understand or acknowledge me, but I have found in the end my greatest friend was one I deemed an enemy.

  • Who is your greatest enemy

The blind god himself.

  • Is your world populated by different races? How do they get along?

The different races, are the many races of beings dwelling in their own realms, who cross through the pathways of our realms unseen to mortals.  They are not physical as we are, but beings of light and smokeless fire.  Some were once worshipped here on Earth as the gods of past civilisations, they extended their hands once and brought us civilisation, though in your new found religions you reduced them to garbled tales and demons.

  • What is your greatest skill/asset

My sight is coveted, and has allowed me to have the answer to one of the greatest enigmas in human history.  Though Samael underestimates me, Lucifer recognises my value.  In their hands my sight would become a tool for human enslavement.  My greatest skill is my downfall.

  • Within your civilisation what do you think is the most important discovery/invention?

The tapestry of creation.  We are souls woven in to this grand tapestry like threads that can be shorn.  That your soul incarnates in these various worlds.  The many incarnations of you are like a mirror that broke and its broken shards are scattered throughout infinity.  Through the tapestry you can choose where you can incarnate, you are not bound to the flesh or the vessel you were born in to.  Your spark can be reborn into a grander incarnation.

  • How would you describe yourself?

A vivacious soul bearing the truth as a lantern with the darkness clawing at my feet, as I wrestle to illuminate the void.

  • How do you think others see you?

Men see me as something they would like to possess and break.

Women aspire to my resilience, I am the resilience that all women need in this age

  • Do you believe in god(s)?

Yes, my gods.


For the author

Books in which this character appears: The Shadow Crucible: The Blind God

Links, short author bio…

I am T. M Lakomy (Tamara Lakomy).  I was born in London, but grew up as a tribal girl in a North African repressive regime. I spent my childhood between the slums of Mellasine and the affluent neighbourhoods in Tunis.

I studied archaeology and became enamoured with the shamanistic practices of indigenous people.

I am an author and poet who seeks to challenge our notions of reality, and see life with a different perspective.

I work in East Africa with indigenous tribes studying the origins of mankind and the salient golden thread in the tapestry of humanity’s beliefs.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedFernManor/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15558568.T_M_Lakomy

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Shadow_Crucible

Book trailer:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Shadow-Crucible-Blind-God/dp/1590794141

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-shadow-crucible-t-m-lakomy/1124245404?ean=9781590794142






Review – Judy: A Dog in a Million – Damien Lewis – Military History, WWII, Animals


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Review- Judy: A Dog in A Million

Damien Lewis

5 stars


The impossibly moving story of how Judy, World War Two’s only animal POW, brought hope in the midst of hell.

Judy, a beautiful liver and white English pointer, and the only animal POW of WWII, truly was a dog in a million, cherished and adored by the British, Australian, American and other Allied servicemen who fought to survive alongside her.

Viewed largely as human by those who shared her extraordinary life, Judy’s uncanny ability to sense danger, matched with her quick-thinking and impossible daring saved countless lives. She was a close companion to men who became like a family to her, sharing in both the tragedies and joys they faced. It was in recognition of the extraordinary friendship and protection she offered amidst the unforgiving and savage environment of a Japanese prison camp in Indonesia that she gained her formal status as a POW.

Judy’s unique combination of courage, kindness and fun repaid that honour a thousand times over and her incredible story is one of the most heartwarming and inspiring tales you will ever read.

 If you only read one book in your life read this book. And have the tissues to hand, as you’ll need them!

A puppy born in Shanghai started her life of adventure and courage by running away from her siblings, mother and human carers. Judy was finally rescued and adopted by the Royal Navy as a ship’s mascot on HMS Gnat, and then patrolling the turbulent and dangerous waters of the Yangtze river, during the China/Japan conflicts.  She fought pirates, gave early warning for hostiles and increased the morale on board. Later assigned to HMS Grasshopper Judy and her crewmates were engaged in warfare against the Japanese in World War Two and in 1942 the ship was torpedoed. Not only did Judy survive this but she pulled men to safety, found water on the largely hostile island the survivors of HMS Grasshopper and HMS Dragonfly found themselves and fought with local wildlife to protect her companions.

Judy and the soldiers trekked hundreds of miles – hoping to reach safety in Sumatra (then a British protectorate). They were too late, as it had fallen into Japanese hands.

Taken to a POW camp in Northern Sumatra the sailors, Judy included, were taken to the very pit of hell. One particular man shared his meagre rations with a starving dog and a life-long and incredibly close friendship was born.  Smuggled out of one camp and into another via a sack on the back of her human (which saved Judy’s life) she again was a rescuer when the ship transporting the captives was torpedoed, with great loss of life.  She dragged men towards what little floating wreckage there was, and pushed wood towards others when she was too exhausted to drag anyone else. The death count would undoubtedly have been higher that day if Judy had not been there.

The men were forced to work on the Pekanbaru Death Railway, and again Judy was there to keep soul and body together (such as there were then) and would even steal food from under the noses of the captors in order to help feed the starving, emaciated men she loved.

Primarily this is her story, but it’s also a story of human survival and the enormous capacity for love between humans and dogs. She kept man and mind together in the darkest days, with her love and her loyalty. More than one man is quoted in the book that they would not have survived those terrible months and years without her. Lives were risked by men and dog every day in the fight to survive, and the fight to stay together.

Awarded the Dicken Medal (the animal VC) for bravery the citation stated -“For magnificent courage and endurance in Japanese prison camps, which helped to maintain morale among her fellow prisoners and also for saving many lives through her intelligence and watchfulness.”

The author, clearly, has researched this book well, speaking to some of the remaining survivors of the terrible camps, and terrible days. She truly was ‘a dog in a million’.

For more information about the Dicken Medal – go here: https://www.pdsa.org.uk/what-we-do/animal-honours/the-dickin-medal


For more info on Judy’s remarkable life please see the links below.





For more information on the Pekanbaru railway (believe me it’s not easy reading). http://www.pekanbarudeathrailway.com/


Tales of Erana: Just One Mistake – Pre-release #Fantasy #Eranafic


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Tales of Erana Series.pngI am delighted to announce the forthcoming release of Tales of Erana: Just One Mistake on Kindle pre-release.  The final release date is 6th May 2017.

(Adult rated for a sexy scene, some themes, and mild violence).

Coel, the bard, thinks his life has taken a turn for the worst, but he hasn’t met the Thiefmaster yet. An ill-conceived notion of earning more money to pay off his debt and escape a dark past leaves the minstrel in a situation he can’t escape and with a deadly bargain. Will he survive his mistake? Who is this mysterious patron?

You might have seen the first incarnation of this tale in Nine Heroes: Tales of Heroic Fantasy but it has been expanded, revised and generally made a whole lot more spiffy:)

Our hero, Coel, is a charming young chap with a talent for music and bedding the ladies (and sometimes the fellas too – no prejudice in Erana, at least not of that sort.) Unfortunately, he has got himself into a bit of a pickle – with a surprise corpse, another man’s wife and an innocent man being punished. Quite some pickle. On the run, living in hiding in the slums of the city of Varlek – a jaded old crone – he thinks life could not get much worse, or more complicated. Oh, how wrong can he be?

Thus our intrepid bard must extricate himself from an impossible situation, understand the rules of another man’s deadly game, redeem himself and generally live to see the dawn.

Currently, the novella is only on Amazon pre-release but should be arriving on Smashwords and hence the associated stores in the next couple of week.

And I’ll let you into a secret…. there might be a combined collection of Erana tales comprising all the stories to date appearing on Bundle Rabbit. More to follow on that.

In the meantime, do order Tales of Erana: Just One Mistake and tell your friends.

Oh and Tales of Erana: Myths and Legends will now be only 99c (77p).


Book Cover

Review – The Clone Wars – Animated Series #Starwars #scifi


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As many of you know I am a geek and a nerd – and proud of it. I love Star Wars – don’t ask how many times I’ve seen the original trilogy. Anyway, I’d seen a couple of these episodes on youtube and on recommendation picked these up.  It took me a while to get into this – (as the first series is a little disjointed) but now I love it. It’s very easy to get hooked on these. And I did. This was my little treat, a couple of episodes before bed and life was good. Seriously this is an EXCELLENT set of animated works and the animation is great.

The individual episodes are short but there are lots and it took us a month or so to work through them all. The stories are ‘canon’ so add a lot to the mythos and storylines of Star Wars.  The characters introduced (such as Clone captain Rex and Ahsoka) enhance the more well-known characters such as Obi-wan and Anakin Skywalker. These compelling and rather tragic characters bring a good deal of life to the stories.

Oh and just because this is a cartoon don’t expect the body count to be low – it’s not. People die – clones, droids, jedi, civilians, aliens, monsters. There is a trail of death and destruction right across the galaxy.  It’s PG rated but if this was a film with ‘real’ people then I’m pretty sure that rating would be upped. The death (and the pointlessness of the unwinnable war) is a key part of the series, and certainly later on the characters question the rationale and the reasons for the war. Of course ‘Senator’ Palpatine is not all he seems. He really is a weapons-grade devious bastard. I found myself wanting to yell ‘don’t trust him!’  He’s evil but not obviously so in the way of say General Grevious or Darth Maul.

This series fills in a lot of gaps in the storylines, showing that Anakin Skywalker’s fall was not as quick as it appears. The Clone Wars are dealt with in the second movie (Attack of the Clones) but it really doesn’t do justice to that side of the story. Thousands, if not millions of clones bred ONLY to fight, and Battledroids wage a war no one can win and few care about the rapidly rising body count. Of course, it’s not that simple – the Jedi are involved, and the Jedi council do not come out of this series especially well. Arrogant, rather partial and often devoid of emotion they ‘peacekeep’ the galaxy against the ‘separatists’ but they are peacekeeping in a war zone where everyone is just a piece in a far greater, and more cunning game. In many places, it’s hard to tell who are the good guys and the bad, but there are some great villains and heroes but the line between ‘good and evil’ is blurred, to say the least.

I felt real pity for Anakin and Ahsoka – certainly, for the former the ‘light side’ wasn’t as squeaky clean as it appears. Good and evil are rather relative and truth is dependent on where you stand. This series answers questions cements relationships with characters and the diverse and complex world of Star Wars. It’s a must for any Star Wars fan.

I wanted more when the series ended and I know I will watch these again regularly.

Book Spotlight – Pirates in Hell #Fantasy #historicalfiction #heroesinhell


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Arrgh! Shiver me timbers *whatever the hell that means….

The latest Heroes in Hell anthology has been blown by a Hellish Maelstrom onto these shores. Hell Week 2017 will be along in good time but for now here’s a taster.

Perdition Goes Viral As Floods Overrun Infernity!

From Perseid Press:

Avast, ye readers! Here be Pyrates! Feast yer eyes on the cursed treasures before you! Hoist the skull ‘n’ crossbones! Walk the plank with hell’s sorest losers! Join the damnedest buccaneers and privateers ever to sail infernal seas. The depths of hell chill the boldest sinner as damned souls learn why the deeper in hell you go, the colder it gets.

Come on down: Join us in the depths of hell where a few of our damnedest writers break every rule of perdition, resulting in longer stories overflowing with torment. Amid more horrific punishments than ever, only a few survive Satan’s cruellest purges, while hell’s bowels runneth over.

Janet Morris, Chris Morris, Nancy Asire, Paul Freeman, Rob Hinkle, Michael H. Hanson, Joe Bonadonna, Andrew P. Weston, S. E. Lindberg, Jack William Finley come together to bring us piratical hellish adventures.

Shakespeare denounces plagiarism but learns what’s in a name when Marlowe takes the blame, as Satan pronounces a penance built for two. Not even eleven flayed Rameses have a dry place to stand when blood overruns the Vile’s banks and Hatshepsut confronts history’s worst pirates, while Howard Carter seeks to loot yet another tomb before Germany’s Haeckel can take the credit.

Attila the Hun and Admiral Nelson square off until the Iron Duke and Napoleon brave an expanding lake to take the tide at its flood.

Daemon Grim, The devil’s Reaper, heads for Skull Island on His Satanic Majesty’s most infernal service to quench his taste for blood money, hell’s truest treasure.

Jason and the Argonauts find that piracy in hell isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, as Medea proves you can’t teach an old witch new tricks.

Elliott Ness and Frank Nitti tangle with Hell’s Demon Minister of Copyright Enforcement, who insists that the price for musical copyright violation be paid in severed heads, including the head of King James I of England, but not even decapitation can still those wagging tongues. Doctor Frankenstein and Quasimodo swashbuckle on a voyage through Hades, searching for a way out of hell, while the Fairbanks boys and Errol Flynn capture a real vampire on film, showing that hell’s damnedest actors are never ready for their close-ups. Fleet Admiral Ogle and his nemesis Bartholomew Roberts quest for a mythical bottle of wine which may prove once and for all that damnation is just a test of faith. Kit Marlowe loses his Rose while Shakespeare finds out that a cold day in hell isn’t merely a turn of phrase. Grace O’Malley, pirate queen, and Strongbow, 2nd Earl of Pembroke confront the Vilekings with the help of Shaka Zulu, but not even Brendan the Navigator can help the ghostly Children of Lir.


Pirates in Hell cover

Review Carnelian Throne – Janet Morris – #Sci-fi #fantasy #dystopian


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REVIEW #sci-fi #fantasy #dystopian #heroicfiction

Carnelian Throne

The fourth in Silistra Quartet does not disappoint. As ever the action starts immediately, with incredible creatures, fierce battles and searching of souls.  Our heroes are, by this time, ‘more than men (and women), and less than gods’ but in a land of largely bronze age people, ruled by creatures of ‘Wehrkind’ gods they appear.  And the locals aren’t impressed. In a quest for answers and revenge Sereth, Estri and Chayin must battle to free themselves from old rules, old beliefs, old prejudices and ghosts of their own pasts and emerge not only victorious but as rulers of this land. Ties of loyalty are truly tested, and the question of evolution, species selection and ranking is very much to the fore.

The Wehrdom creatures are fascinating – semi-telepathic creatures of all shapes and sizes, from eagle like creatures, to half man half beast, to those who just communicate with them. Led by a ‘dreaming’ king for a thousand years they wage war, they live, they die and they are manipulated in a kind of selective breeding or eugenic programme to remove the lesser (ie human) species and in ‘Wehr rage’ they are truly formidable.
As allies and enemies, these beings shape this story and this part of the world they inhabit. I found them worthy of pity (as pawns), frightening for their strangeness, enlightening for their intelligence and loyalty, and infinitely intriguing. They appealed to the mythic aspect I love so much in this author’s work.

Delcrit – the simple and lowly character we are introduced to early on – proves his worth and his destiny in a surprising twist.

The entire quartet brings forth questions on the wisdom of technology, the place in the world for the sexes, species, politics and laws. Biology is queen here, nature is queen, but the heroes must find their place among their own kind, and forge a future and protect their world from enemies many of which are of their own making.

The Silistra books are not simple, or easy to read but they are enthralling, exciting and thought-provoking. Silistra is dystopian – it is not Earth – but it COULD be. The characters are not us – but they COULD be.

As with all Morris’s work, the prose is very lyrical and very poetic. There is a beat to her work which pulls in the reader. No words are wasted, no scenes are out of place or unnecessary and thus it makes for a thrilling and evocative read.

There is treachery, love, bravery, intrigue, a lot of ‘fight or die’, complex characters and a supremely crafted world – everything one would expect in such a work.

Loose ends are firmly tied off, scores are settled and places allotted, and answers found.

5 stars.Layout 1

Release Blitz for Illicit Relations – M/M Romance #MMromance #bookblitz #audio


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Illicit Relations by Lucy Felthouse Now Available in Audiobook Format! #audiobook #audible #gay #romance

Lucy Felthouse’s almost-but-not-quite taboo M/M erotic romance novella, Illicit Relations, is now available in audiobook format. Narrated by voice artist Nick Dee, you can now listen to this coming-out romance on the go!

Illicit Relations Blurb:

Terry’s had a crush on his second cousin Justin for what seems like forever. He’s hidden it as well as possible, knowing that the other man is out of bounds, forbidden fruit. Second cousins getting together isn’t actually illegal, but for Justin the relationship is too close—he just can’t contemplate them being together.

But when some new information comes to light about Terry’s birth and his place in the family, the whole game changes. Suddenly the relationship isn’t so impossible, and things soon begin to get hot and heavy.

Audio links:

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2ocNNeZ
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2oLWJ98
Audible UK: http://adbl.co/2obmWfM
Audible US: http://adbl.co/2pxXthN
iTunes UK: http://apple.co/2oDrjUD
iTunes US: http://apple.co/2p0K99s

eBook available here: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/illicit-relations/


Praise for Illicit Relations:

“One of the sweeter stories as it unfolded of the M/M romance that I have read, the sex is hot and steamy, and enhanced by the POV of the characters in the wonder of the moment, and the descriptions used. At just over 60 pages, this isn’t a long and complicated read, but a quick reading story that gives detail and breath to the characters, and provides some incredibly steamy moments for readers, leaving everyone with a smile.” 4 out of 5, The Jeep Diva

“Lucy has done it again with another great story that both entertain and enjoyable to read. Surprises are plenty in this quick read. Solid 4 star read.” In the Pages of a Good Book

“I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a short, highly erotic and romantic read. Illicit Relations would appeal to readers of both sexes.” 4 out of 5, Blood, Lust and Erotica


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of Cliterati.co.uk’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller) and The Persecution of the Wolves. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 150 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9


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Ebook Bundles


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I’m in the process of uploading all of mine, so I’ll post up if and when I get selected.

D J Mills Writer

Have you thought about participating in eBook Bundles?

BundleRabbit.com sells eBook bundles at all eBook distributors as well as on their own web site.

I have heard good things about BundleRabbit, so uploaded Rider, the first in my Tracker Series, to see how the process worked. And have been selected for an upcoming bundle.

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