Eat well in the apocalypse with Zombie Gardening

Lol, such a good idea I had to share. There are lots of herbs and other plants available to eat and use as medicine if you know what to look for. This, apparently, stemmed from the writer watching an episode of Walking dead and the characters were off to loot food from the supermarket whilst running past some perfectly good food. The old knowledge is lost to many who wouldn’t know a wild strawberry or some elderberries if they found them. Anyway here is your guide to herbalism and gardening after the apocalypse.

Zombie Apocalypse Monthly

Everyone who has ever watched a horror film has had a moment where they see the characters doing something and wished they could give them some advice. For Author Adam Kessel, that moment happened while watching an episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead with his family and led him to write a book giving that advice to everyone.

“Rick was leading the group into a supermarket to loot food and medicine. The excursion quickly went downhill and the group was forced to escape an all-out zombie attack,” he explained. “Their escape led them into the woods. As my family and I were watching I kept naming all the medicinal and edible plants they were running past and it was then that someone said ‘you should write a book’ and here we are.”

Kessel’s book “Zombie Gardening: an urban plant foraging guide for zombie survival” is now available on Amazon

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