Reader Interview Number Fifteen – Lori Myers

Hi and welcome to the Library of Erana, a place of words and of their magic. Words are power, they are knowledge and they are freedom.  Readers play an important role in the life of books and words, for without readers books would sit unread, unloved and unknown.  What makes a good book, or for that matter a bad one?  Why do people read and how do they find their books?

Welcome to Lori Myers

Where are you from? USA

Please tell us a little about yourself. I never know how to do this….Let’s see…40 something mother of 3 amazing kids (26 yr old twins and a 15 yr old…all three girls), retired military wife.  Grew up in the boondocks of northwestern IN , currently residing in western PA.  I have been reading since I was 5. I would read to the dogs, the cats, my sheep…the chickens…and I would discuss the books with them too!  Genealogy is my side hobby and I love to cook and garden.

On average how many books do you read in a month? 6 -8

Where is your favourite place to read?  Curled up on the couch, under my thick throw.

What genres do you prefer and why? Do you have any genres you avoid?  Fantasy was my first genre that I read and Sci Fi was close on her heels….I have read romance, mystery, YA,  dystopian, paranormal, true crime, poetry, ….maybe what I don’t read is shorter – I have a very difficult time with biographies.

Why are books important to you and what does reading bring to your life? Reading is what I have always done.  Where I grew up in Northwestern IN, I was the only girl and the second youngest child in the area.  The boys, although they did teach me baseball, really didn’t want a girl hanging around, so books were my portal to fun and adventure.  They opened up new worlds with new possibilities.  Books deepened my knowledge and made the boundaries of my lonely little world explode. The friends I made in those books have remained my friends for over 40 years now, always there, right where I left them.  They have comforted me in times of loss and helped me find my direction when lost.

Do you have a favourite book or author, why do you think you like this book/author so much? Oh heavens….that is like telling me to choose a favorite child!  I have different authors that I gravitate to when sad, totally different ones when I am bored.  If I had to nail down my top 5 authors..yeah, I could do that…Janet Morris, Edgar Allen Poe, the writing team of Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey, Agatha Christie, and Shel Silverstein..

What medium do you prefer – e-books, audiobooks or paper books? Would you care to expand on this? Due to tendonitis, ebooks are preferred.  Having  said that, I have 4 huge boxes packed with my paperbacks I deemed save worthy.  Audiobooks are okay, but I find myself reading the books because I remember things better when I read them.

How do you usually find the books you read? For example: recommendations from friends, promotion on social networks, your local library, following authors you already know?  All of the above!  I was one of those people that paid attention to Waldenbooks when they had their employee pics.  I have discovered so many wonderful relatively unknown authors from my friends and other authors that I follow. I would have never found Alexandra Butcher if not for Janet Morris’s recommendation. Alex led to Diana Wicker.  A facebook promo led me to Eric Asher, friends pointed me to Chris Almeida and Ceclia Aubrey. A librarian pointed me to Diana Gabaldon after she saw me at the local Highland Games admiring the men in kilts…(we shared a fascination with a gentleman that, after reading the books, was so much like Jamie Fraser is described, it was uncanny!)

When choosing a book what makes you stop and give it a second look?  What makes you turn away?  I give all the books a second look.  Sometimes, I have passed over a book several times, only to find it once again in my hands. At that point, I must read it….The funny thing is, those are the books that I have most enjoyed!

Do you read reviews by others and if so do they influence the choice? Once I get to know a reviewer and if they consistently review the same books I am reading, yeah, I have to admit, it can influence me.  I have read books that others have raved about and found myself indifferent. Joe Bonadonna has lately influenced my reading a TON!

Do you “judge a book by its cover?” Never!  Most of my most favored treasures have the worst covers!  It is only by opening the pages and immersing myself in the book that I truly judge.

What do you think is the most important aspect of a book for you? Plot, world-building, strong characters etc.? What turns you off? I have discovered that I love character driven books.  Plot is a close second, but if the characters are not strong, I have a hard time getting into the book.  What turns me off…too many characters introduced in a short span, characters that have nothing to do with plot and weak plot lines.  If you don’t snag me in the first chapter, you might now get me at all!

Does the behaviour of an author affect your choice to read one of their books? The words are what is important.  As long as the author does not try to convert me to their way of thinking, I am okay with their behavior.  BUT if the books try to hit me over the head with something that goes against my ideals, then I simply won’t read that author again.

What are your views on authors commenting on reviews on sites such as Goodreads?  I love the fact that the authors comment!  So far, I have been lucky that no author has attacked me on a review, but I know it happens.  Ask me this again after I am bashed by an author!

If you had to pick three favourite books to take to a desert island what would they be? The Sacred Band (Janet Morris), my book of the entire works of Edgar Allen Poe,  and Wuthering Heights

Do you think bricks and mortar bookshops are in decline?  I think all the huge ones are on the decline and will simply be mail order or ebook, but with the number of indie authors on the rise, I hope the small mom and pop shops are in it for the long run.

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