Author Interview Forty-Five – Yawatta Hosby

Welcome to Yawatta Hosby

Please tell us a little about your writing – for example genre, title, etc.

I enjoy writing books in different genres. I’m better at creating novellas and short stories more than novels. Probably because I love reading fast-paced stories.

My short story, Room For Two, was published in an online literary magazine. My debut novel, One By One, was published as a mystery thriller. Some readers have considered it as a horror read. The story is about a killer stalking a group of friends in an isolated cabin.

My second book, Something’s Amiss, was recently released as women’s fiction with romance. Two exes reunite at a close friend’s funeral. I’m currently working on a story called Trapped: A Novella. An obsessive man will do anything to get the family he deserves. I’m also working on a rough draft involving a love triangle between three celebrities.

Are your characters based on real people?

I’ll never tell…hee hee. I plead the fifth, so I don’t get sued.

In all honesty, I take bits and pieces of acquaintances, strangers, family, and friends, putting different aspects into my characters. There’s even a bit of me in all of my characters, villains included.

Is there a message conveyed within your writing?

I tend to usually create self-deprecating main characters who have to learn to love themselves. I love showing inner-conflicts and personal dilemmas, hopefully resolving the drama by the end of the book.

Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly” is my favorite song, so I always have a situation involving a character pushing someone away. The other person stays free or fights for their friendship, family bond, or romantic relationship.

In what formats are your books available? (E-books, print, large print audio) Are you intending to expand these? 

My books are available as E-books and paperbacks. As E-books: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.

I haven’t done large print, but I’m not against it. I would have to do more research on the topic first. Audio books sound cool, but I don’t know if that’s in my budget right now. I’d have to pay for a narrator because I’m sure people wouldn’t want to hear my country accent from start to finish hee hee.

What are your opinions about authors commenting on reviews? How important are reviews?

I think it’s okay for an author to say thank you if a book reviewer followed through or if a reader surprisingly writes a review that the author stumbled across.

But absolutely, positively never respond to negative reviews. Reading is subjective, so the readers’ opinions should be valued no matter what. If an author says thank you, it could be taken as sarcasm or an intimidating factor. So just vent to friends or family members if need be. Do not write a blog post. Do not comment in online forums. Do not harass the reader’s social media sites. Just leave it be and appreciate that someone was passionate enough to say anything about your book.

I think reviews are very important. They show that readers are actually finding your book and that it’s good enough (or bad enough) to comment on. If you get a certain number of reviews, then you can start submitting your book for advertising on popular reading sites. Some require a minimum number of reviews and at least a 4 star ranking.

What three pieces of advice would you give to new writers?

  • Self-publishing is a marathon, not a race. There’s no guarantee that your books will find an audience unless you learn to market yourself. And even then, it may not amount to anything. Don’t give up. The beauty of self-publishing is that your books are available online forever unless you choose to take them down. Build your platform. Get a following. You may not get noticed until your 4th or 5th book.
  • Just because you start publishing one way doesn’t mean that will be your entire writing career path. For example, if you self-publish, you can try the trade route. If you trade published, you can try self-publishing in genres your agent doesn’t want to work with. Research whatever you decide. Weigh the pros and cons. Then take it from there.
  • Protect your writing time. Non-writers don’t understand the importance of when you’re jotting down things in your notebook or when your eyes are glued on the computer screen. They don’t think that’s working, but it is. You’re creating stories. Or editing. It gets old really fast when someone keeps interrupting you or keeps making plans during your writing schedule, forcing you to choose between them or your writing. Let your friends and family know your writing schedule, so they know when to respect your time. Trust me, they’ll test you. Just stay firm.

Most authors also like to read, what books do you enjoy? What book(s) have you just finished?

My favorite author is Agatha Christie. I love mysteries because I enjoy using my brain to collect clues in figuring out things before the big reveal. I love thrillers and horror because they make me tap into my emotions. I love scaring myself, especially in October to celebrate Halloween. I also love tear jerkers.

Don’t bore me, and we’re good. I love tension between characters, usually enjoying the villains more than the heroes. I love a solid plot with fast-paced sentences. I hate when a book drags and drags. A book that’s 80,000 words with a lot of info dump and backstory, when it could have been reduced to 50,000 words or less.

I’m a book reviewer, so I’m constantly reading new books. I just finished James Raven’s Malicious and Michelle Grey’s Unspoken Bonds.

Do you have a favourite movie?

Stand By Me with River Phoenix, Kiefer Sutherland, and Corey Feldman. It was fascinating that a group of young men embarked on a journey to find a missing dead body. I loved their bonding moments.

Do you have any pets?

No, I’ve never had any. As a little girl, I’d ask my parents for a pet. They always told me no, so one day I went outside and found a pet rock. Can’t remember its name though hee hee.

Can you give us a silly fact about yourself?

If I’m scared, I’m doing everything in my power to make you scared too. When there’s fear involved, your senses heighten. Don’t get me started on ghost stories because I’ll never stop…

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