Book Spotlight – Meadowvale #Fantasy #YoungAdult



N. M. Rudolph


Young Adult, Fantasy

Main character description (short):

There are a number of prominent characters, but the primary one is Werbel. He is a young rabbit, roughly 11, who lives on a farm. Early in his story, he learns basic farm skills as well as sword fighting from his father. As the tale progresses, he’s captured and trained by a ruthless lizard. Ultimately, Werbel becomes a fierce warrior.


The story begins with the Highfallows, a charming family of rabbits whose livelihood is farming. An army of lizards sweeps in and shatters their peace. Those left behind must figure out how to rescue lost loved ones. When Meadowvale elders realize the problem extends far beyond just themselves, the story’s scale increases exponentially. Clashing cultures, the struggle for unity, wrestling with despair, festering regret, battle, forgotten magic, and beyond: it’s all there.

While each character’s tale has its own wisdom to impart, the full story of Meadowvale will capture the hearts and minds of readers young and old.

Brief Excerpt 250 words:

“Skoar! Wait!” Jeremy called after him, but the man sprinted into the void as voices reverberated back. The whistling of the arrows was soon replaced by shifting feet and shouting lizards.

Only Skoar’s softly glowing silhouette could be seen sprinting, leaping toward the center of the huge cavern. His light shone brighter, and Jeremy saw a swarm of lizards circling around him. The cavern went completely dark for a second before Jeremy had to throw an arm in front of his face to block the glare that emanated from that mass. He could not distinguish Skoar from the light that glowed around him, but he could clearly see the lizards that were flung through the air to crash some ways off.

Another moment of darkness collapsed throughout the cavern, and another blast of light sent more lizards flying off. Jeremy’s eyes adjusted, and he was able to see a furious rabbit face burning in the murky distance.

One more wave of darkness fell, and it was followed by silence. Even Skoar’s subtle glow had been completely doused. The only audible sounds were pounding hearts. Then, darts of light sprouted from the center and struck torches scattered about the cavern. They sizzled to life, and the full space came into view. It was larger than anyone first thought. It resembled something like an underground town.

Why should readers buy this book (50 words max)?

With Meadowvale, Rudolph does an elegant job not only of visiting familiar themes like good and evil but also unique realms where rabbits and lizards clash and, in rare cases, coexist. The end result is that you are taken to a whole different world that feels unexpectedly welcoming.

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